James Bond fills theaters, best start of the year in France

(AFP) – The new James Bond “Die can wait” crushed the box office when it was released in French theaters, signing the best start of the year and boosting cinema attendance by 25% over one week, according to figures published by Cbo-Box Office.

As in the United States, the film starts off with a bang: of the 2.1 million people who went to the cinema during the week, 1.38 million wanted to see this last part with Daniel Craig of the adventures of the famous British spy invented by writer Ian Fleming.

The film is admittedly a worse first week than the previous “007”, far from the score of “Specter” in 2015, which had brought together 2.2 million spectators. But he made the best movie start of the year, ahead of “Fast and Furious 9”, released in July.

Far behind, the other films share the crumbs. In second position, Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” has attracted 275,000 science fiction fans, and has accumulated 2.4 million spectators in theaters for four weeks.

Two French films follow: “Boîte Noire”, a thriller in the field of aviation safety with Pierre Niney now borders on one million spectators since its release five weeks ago (100,000 still over the week), then “Bac Nord”, which exceeded two million spectators in eight weeks (90,000 over the week).

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, the first film from Marvel studios to have an Asian director (Destin Daniel Cretton) and a cast also dominated by Asian stars, closes this Top 5.

1 “Die can wait”: 1,384,858 entries (new) – 812 copies

2 “Dune”: 275,234 admissions (4th week) – 753 copies

3 “Black Box” 100,553 entries (cumulative 5th week 970,224) – 515 copies

4 “Bac nord” 89,864 entries (cumulative 8th week 2,040,604) – 429 copies

5 “Shang-Chi” 63,480 entries (cumulative 6th week 1,304,432) – 525 copies

Cbo-Box office figures for the week of October 6 to 12