James Bond returns to save the world and his family

(AFP) – The new part of the adventures of James Bond, the ultimate film starring Daniel Craig in the clothes of His Majesty’s most famous spy, “Dying can wait”, is released in French cinemas on Wednesday.

The 2:43 am film, the longest of the 25 in the saga, premiered in London on Tuesday. It has already had record bookings in the UK and garnered rave reviews.

After Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune”, which has revived the French box office since the end of the summer, cinemas are counting a lot on this new James Bond, postponed for 18 months, to forget the pandemic. In 2015, the previous one, “Specter”, attracted nearly 5 million spectators in France.

On screen, 007 fans should find their way, with Daniel Craig dropping his tuxedo, more human and fallible than ever, while continuing to ensure the fundamentals: spectacular chases (special mention for a stunt at motorcycles in the alleys of Matera in Italy), heavy shootings, gadgets and grandiose landscapes, from Norway to Jamaica and in the South of Italy.

The deadly over-equipped Aston Martin DB5 is back, and the film’s official song is performed by Billie Eilish.

The scenario is conceived as the epilogue of the five James Bonds of Daniel Craig, since Casino Royale 15 years ago: the character invented by the writer Ian Fleming is drawn from his retirement to face his best enemies: Blofeld, the organization SPECTER and especially the formidable Safin (the American Rami Malek, Oscar for best actor in 2019 for his interpretation of singer Freddie Mercury).

A tranquility interrupted when his old friend of the CIA, Felix Leiter, comes to ask him for help to save a scientist who has just been kidnapped.

– A woman named “007” –

Two women have central roles: the psychologist Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux, conquest of James Bond who takes over after “Specter”) whose character is revealed to be full of secrets and wounds.

And a new MI-6 recruit, Agent Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch who was officially named “007” after James Bond left the service.

Her character, quickly sketched out, is a clever way for producers to respond to accusations of sexism and calls for more diversity, by entrusting the famous number and her license to kill to a woman, played by a young black actress of 33 years old. .

“Dying can wait” allows itself other breaks with the Bondian tradition, which will not fail to surprise the faithful. However, they will find the touch of British humor, inherited from the 1960s, less saucy and more self-mockery.

Director Cary Fukunaga (“Beasts of No Nation”, “True Detective”), the first American to make a James Bond, digs deeper into the furrows of previous films with a secret agent confronted with his intimate flaws, the agent having to save both the world and his family, and imposes his paw from a chilling opening scene, in the Nordic winter.

The end of the film, leaves all the hypotheses open as to the form that could take the succession for the continuation of one of the most profitable franchises of the 7th art.

Idriss Elba, Tom Hardy, a lesser known actor? The bets remain open for the succession of Daniel Craig in the clothes of James Bond, one of the most coveted castings of the 7th art. Producer and guardian of the temple Barbara Broccoli felt that the character, who must remain both iconic and trendy, should continue to be played by a man.