James Franco accused of sexual harassment: the actor talks about consensual relations with students of his school

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Several women accused the American actor James Franco of sexual harassment, which spoke to him of “consensual” relationships. He admitted that he “shouldn’t have”.

American actor James Franco, accused of sexual harassment by several women, admitted to having had “consensual” relations with students in his drama class and felt that this should not have happened. Among the accusers of Franco, now 43, are four former students of the school he had started in Hollywood. They had publicly denounced the actor’s inappropriate behavior in 2018, after the latter received his Golden Globe by wearing a buttonhole in support of the Time’s Up organization for the defense of victims of sexual assault.

“Look, I’ll admit it, I slept with some college girls,” the artist said in an interview broadcast Thursday on SiriusXM radio, his first on the subject since 2018. “Throughout my teaching, I ‘I slept with some students, and it was bad. But that’s not why I opened the school, “he defends himself. A student had in particular told how she participated, with several other women, in a nude scene when Franco would have removed the protective plastic films covering the private parts of the actresses while he was playing simulated scenes of oral sex.

“It’s probably not cool”

Two others claimed that the actor asked them and other actresses to take off their tops while filming at a strip club. One last assured that James Franco “always made everyone feel that there could be roles at stake if we were ready to perform sexual acts or take off our top”.

The artist and his lawyers have always refuted these accusations. In his interview, Franco once again denied having had relations with students enrolled in a course entitled “sex scenes”. He assures us that the course had a “provocative title” but was not intended specifically to instruct participants in these erotic scenes.
“It was not a Machiavellian plan on my part (…) but yes, there were cases where I had something consensual with a student and I should not have”, he said .

In his defense, he spoke of his alcohol addiction when he was a teenager, believing that he replaced it as an adult with an addiction to sex and his own celebrity. “I guess at the time I was thinking ‘if this is consensus it’s OK’,” he pleaded, acknowledging now that “it’s probably not cool.”