Jamie Lee Curtis, eternal heroine in ‘Halloween Kills’: “Michael Myers has transcended and has become something of another world”

The new installment of the Michael Myers franchise opens in Spanish cinemas on Friday, October 22.

The halloween night It was released in 1978 and, four decades later, Michael Myers is still stalking Laurie Strode. But things have changed a lot. Laurie now has a daughter and a granddaughter and is deeply traumatized. After having left the psychopath for dead in The halloween night (2018), the story continues in Halloween Kills, with more violence and blood. And a lot of fun for the fans.

In an interview with SensaCine, Jamie Lee Curtis explains why it’s the ending the franchise needed. “Yes, I read the script for the 2018 movie that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride wrote and I understood what they wanted to do. They were honoring the original movie, honoring the fact that this happened to a 17-year-old girl and now 40 have passed. years and is a different person. Basically, that trauma ended his life, “declares the actress,”At the end of the 2018 movie, Laurie could have died in the back of the car, in the back of that truck, happy, surrounded by the love of her daughter and granddaughter.“.

Michael has survived the fire. Laurie is hurt now. His daughter is now the warrior. His granddaughter is a warrior. And Michael has transcended and has become something of another world regarding his rage, his power

Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green, with a screenplay by Green himself, Danny McBride and Scott Teems, serves as a tribute to the serial killer who has terrorized us for 40 years. It connects directly with the beginning of the saga, but in a much more violent and explosive way. “Has more adrenaline rush and aggression than any of the previous Halloween movies. It’s exciting to change the pace a bit and see what happens when Michael arrives in this new form, in an explosive and egregious way. A way that I think is going to shock and surprise the fans a lot, “says the director.

The villain returns with more desire for revenge and the heroine is ready to take the blows. In their new confrontation, bloodier than ever, we will see a warrior Laurie who, nevertheless, cedes the throne to her daughter, played here by Judy Greer. She may have lost a bit of prominence, but she’s still the hero of the franchise. “Jamie Lee Curtis is my heroine and the heroine of the Halloween franchise. She is the only one who is warrior enough to take on Michael, and for whatever reason, she continues to do so,” Green declares.

The film is a new way of approaching the oldest conflict in the world, that of the fight of good against evil. “It’s a very classic conflict. Here’s a movie, the original 1978 movie, ubiquitous innocence par excellence, A smart 17-year-old high school girl babysitting on Halloween night. And you put it against the epitome of evil. A person who is a patient with mental problems, which has been described as pure evil. You put those two people together and you have a movie in 1978. Four decades later, the same collision happens, “says Curtis.

You can meet Michael Myers again in theaters after the premiere of Halloween Kills next October 22.

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