Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista, Hollywood’s Ultimate Crush: An “Exciting” First Meeting and Many Projects Together

The two actors have just worked for Denis Villeneuve in ‘Dune’, but it was not their first experience together. Not the last.

Imagine going to Comic Con and seeing two of Hollywood’s toughest and most popular guys having a blast because they’ve finally met in person. This kind of first date is what Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista experienced at the convention, where they could see each other after a long time wanting to work together. They have revealed it during an interview with Seth Meyers, where they have shown, once again, that they are the ultimate Hollywood crush.

“[La primera vez que nos vimos fue en] Comic Con. We both got really excited at Comic Con“, Momoa recalls in the interview with the famous American presenter. The question is relevant, since their relationship is one of the closest in the film industry. They have shared confidences, visits to family and excitement for future projects.

“I adore him. He is an incredible human being and a phenomenal actor. I love being around his energy and I feel like he feels the same way about me“, said Momoa about Bautista in an interview with THAT ONE. The two actors had wanted to work together for a long time and they managed to do it in season 2 of See, where they give life to two brothers with a somewhat special relationship. After sharing filming days and many scenes, they realized that their collaboration could not end there and Bautista threw a bomb on social networks.

“Momoa and I in a cop movie style Lethal weapon Directed by David Leitch. Okay! It is done. Now we are going to wait, “wrote Bautista on his Twitter account. They both know the power of social networks and that by launching such an idea they opened the door to the project.” It’s incredible. You work your whole career to get a chance like that and he tweets something [para hacerlo realidad]. Then we talk about it in [el programa de James] Corden and our phones kept ringing. It’s safe to say it’s going to happen“, assures Momoa in THAT ONE.

Behind that brief tweet there is a whole plan drawn up by the two interpreters. “He wrote to me first, that’s how respectful he is. I said, ‘Of course I do! Tell me where I have to sign. I’m in’. Then it turns out they posted it right after my approval and it went viral, “Momoa revealed. So they are not only looking forward to opportunities to work together, but they are provoking them themselves.

In addition to season 2 of See and that ‘buddy cops’ film that they prepare, Momoa and Bautista have been able to work under the orders of Denis Villeneuve in the acclaimed Dune. They bring to life totally different characters and they weren’t able to shoot many scenes together, but they have added another experience to their friendship. The epic adventure that Villeneuve has prepared is one of the great productions of this year and, in the absence of the ‘ok’ from Warner Bros. to continue the story, it will possibly become one of the most important sagas of the decade. That the two have been able to contribute their grain of sand will have united them a little more.

Outside of work, the admiration between them is real. This is how Momoa spoke about the actor from Guardians of the Galaxy, half joking half serious: “I look forward to doing what Bautista does when he reaches his age. He’s one of those big guys who can move and fight really well.. I have a lot of respect for him and for Dwayne [Johnson] because doing that kind of fight for a long period of time is a lot of effort on the body. I understand them and I am 42 years old. Those guys are the cane. “

As a fun fact, a long time ago, when James Gunn was building his superhero team for Marvel in Guardians of the Galaxy, there were rumors that the character of Drax The Destroyer was between Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista. They are two actors with very similar characteristics and, instead of competing, they have decided to take the peaceful route and unite to do great projects together.

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