Jean-Pierre Pernaut suffering from a new cancer: “We hang on and we fight,” says the journalist

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In an interview with the Parisian, Jean-Pierre Pernaut confided in his new cancer, lung this time.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is again struck by the disease. After fighting prostate cancer in 2018 which had kept him away from the antenna for several weeks, the former presenter of TF1’s 13h newscast this time suffers from lung cancer.

In an interview with Parisian, Jean-Pierre Pernaut confided in this recurrence. “This lung cancer was detected in April-May, after an examination where a small tumor was detected. I was operated on in early July,” he says. “We then detected a second tumor on the other lung that we cannot operate on (…) I did not want to talk about it right away, because I was waiting for the results of the radiotherapy which is now done in 4 -5 sessions with massive rays very precise to grill the tumors. But there was a leak in the press “.

The radiotherapy of the former star journalist of TF1 thus ended only two weeks ago. “It’s tiring and I’m still in the soup. After that, we’ll see. Either the disease goes away, or it will be necessary to initiate other treatments”. But Jean-Pierre Pernaut remains combative. “We cross our fingers, we hang on and we fight.”

Today, he wants to send a message of prevention. “I have often been told to quit smoking but, for 40 years, I sent everyone out for a walk,” he explains to our colleagues. “I was stupid, stupid for not quitting smoking sooner. If two people quit because I talk about it, I won.”

The journalist is also continuing his projects. “I have my show on Friday at 1:40 pm on LCI ‘Jean-Pierre Pernaut et vous’ (…) There is also the ‘JPP TV’, a digital platform with thousands of reports on the heritage of the regions. J ‘I have also shot two subjects in’ Grands reportages’ in Alsace and in Nord-Pas-de-Calais Picardy, going to meet people who are fighting to save heritage “. And Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not intend to stop there. “Next year, my wish is to ‘Dance with the Stars’!” He jokes.