Jeff Panacloc breaks down in tears when discussing the separation of his couple

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Guest of the program “A Sunday in the countryside” by Frédéric Lopez, Sunday on France 2, the ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc could not contain his tears, under the influence of emotion.

His public is accustomed to seeing him with a smile on his face, to chatting with his puppet Jean-Marc or to reprimanding her. But never see him cry. And yet, the ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc was moved to tears in “A Sunday in the countryside”, the program of Frédéric Lopez on France 2.

The host, who also received the singers Joyce Jonathan Salvatore Adamo, returned to the course of Jeff Panacloc since the young Damien Colcanap (that’s his real name) and his monkey Jean-Marc made their first televisions at Patrick Sébastien .

Jeff Panacloc was quickly moved by marking pauses in his answers. “Is it the path taken that upsets you?” Asked Frédéric Lopez. “It’s the fact of talking about all that again,” the ventriloquist first replied. “I’ve had the same managers for over ten years now. We started in a small van and now there are three tractor-trailers. I think of everything…” He couldn’t finish his sentence. “It’s beyond what you imagined,” continued Frédéric Lopez. Jeff Panacloc, always moved, replied: “There have been difficulties in life. I grew up. I had children. He marked another break. “I separated from the mother of my children,” he continued, his voice shaking and tears in his eyes. And to add that once he found himself on stage, all that no longer existed.

Jeff Panacloc was married in 2016 with his former press officer Charlotte de Hugo. The couple had two daughters: Rose and Alice.

The 36-year-old comedian is currently on tour throughout France in “Jeff Panacloc adventure”.