Jenna Ortega’s Latin ancestry confuses her fans: Does the protagonist of ‘Miércoles’ speak Spanish or not?

With more than 36 million followers on Instagram, fans of the actress want to know everything about her.

since the series Wednesday landed on Netflix, such has been the success of the title focused on the daughter of the Addams that all the eyes of the fans have been fixed on Jenna Ortega, the actress who gives life to the protagonist.

From his height to his hobbies, including his hidden talents. Everyone wants to know everything about Ortega. But, if there is a question that assails a large part of her followers, it is whether or not the interpreter knows how to speak Spanish due to her Latin descent.

If you look at the last name of the actress, Ortega, it can give you some clue as to the origin of the family of the protagonist of Wednesday. Your great grandmother was from Sinaloa (Mexico), who emigrated to the United States where she met her future husband and the actress’s grandfather, who was also Puerto Rican.

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Although this was a long time ago, the Latino heritage has continued to continue in Ortega’s family tree, as his entire family on his father’s side is also of Mexican descent. But does this mean that the actress knows how to speak Spanish? According to the actress, her mother has taught her basic words of Spanishbut does not know how to speak Spanish fluently.

In an interview during the Wednesday promotion, a Latin American medium told him a few words to greet his fans in Spanish: “I’m really bad at this, if I read it I can do better“, says the actress. Finally, after several attempts, she managed to say the following: “I invite you to watch the premiere of Merlina (Wednesday) on Netflix”.