Jensen Ackles celebrates by singing the first anniversary of the end of ‘Supernatural’

A year ago we said goodbye to the Winchester brothers forever, but the actors have not forgotten the series that changed their lives.

We have long been counting the days to see Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in season 3 of The Boys, but the new installment of the hit Amazon Prime Video series still has no release date on the platform. However, if one of the reasons you are looking forward to the reunion of Ackles and series creator Eric Kripke is because you were once one of the millions of fans of Supernatural, you will be happy to see how the actor has celebrated the first anniversary of the denouement of the mythical CW fiction.

It’s been a year since the CW forever dismissed the Winchester brothers’ adventure in one episode, ‘Carry On’ (15×20), the November 19, 2020, and the aforementioned date has not gone unnoticed by one of its main protagonists, Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester, the eldest of the brothers during each and every one of the 327 episodes that made up the 15-year career of the Serie.

The anniversary of the end of Supernatural It coincided with a family trip for Ackles, his wife and their two children, so the original way in which the actor was able to pay tribute to the series that changed his life was aboard his motorhome. In the video, which you can see below these lines and that he shared on his personal account on Instagram on the exact anniversary of the year, Ackles drives his vehicle as they head to New Orleans while singing ‘Carry On My Wayward Son‘, which is ringing in the car.

From ‘road trip’ to New Orleans and, of course, this song plays on the radio. Today marks one year since the finale of the ‘Supernatural’ series was aired … It seems like yesterday

And so much that it seems that it was.

As fans of Supernatural well know, ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ is an important song in the universe of the series. So much so that the name of the episode that fired the story is called ‘Carry On’ for that reason. The first time we heard it was in one of the last episodes of the first season, although in the end it became a tradition that was part of every season finale.

After SupernaturalThe actors who played the Winchester brothers have continued their careers with numerous projects on the horizon. While Jared Padalecki stars Walker, the reboot of Chuck Norris’ unforgettable series, Ackles is one of the new protagonists of season 3 of The Boys, but he has also directed his former brother in season 2 of Walker and has lent his voice to Batman in an animated Halloween movie.

However, both remain closely linked to the series that brought them fame and it will be difficult to stop thinking of them as the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester.

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