Jeremy Renner on ‘Hawkeye’: “I’ll get to see it with my daughter, who has never seen anything I’ve done”

Warrior Custodian

Warrior Custodian


When he first saw Iron Man in 2008, he has followed everything related to this world, both in the world of cinema and series.

The new Marvel series focused on Clint Barton premieres on Disney + with a double episode next Wednesday, November 24.

Hawk Eye is the new Marvel series for Disney + after the premieres of Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What would happen if…?. Fiction reaches the streaming platform on next November 24.

For this reason, SensaCine has been able to speak with Jeremy Renner and with its director, Rhys Thomas, about Hawkeye that has Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, the famous archer from the comics who would take the witness of the superhero of the Avengers.

In the interview, which you can see above these lines, Renner explains how excited he is that Hawk Eye is officially Marvel’s Christmas series and that he gets to see it with his eight-year-old daughter, after she have not seen any of your work due to your age:

I think everyone when they see a series they do it like ‘Yeah, it’s something I might want to revisit again maybe next Christmas’ or whatever. I think it’s pretty impressive because it really makes for a great Christmas event. Especially with the house premiere. It’s great that from Thanksgiving it goes on every day to get to Christmas. And what do you do during Christmas? You spend time with your family and, for me, I will get to see something with my eight year old daughter who has never seen anything that I have done from my work as an actor. So I’m going to sit with her and watch this. That makes me happy

The director Rhys Thomas has taken the opportunity to also be enthusiastic about this qualifier because he also loves Christmas movies and create chaos in them for the warmth they transmit:

I love Christmas movies because I think there is just a warmth and a certain atmosphere in them that is almost like a trap. It’s like having a new toolbox. I also like the tradition of bringing chaos to Christmas. It’s such a peaceful time of year and you have all those precious family times. Everyone is supposed to be happy. And it’s always fun to see when those plans go awry and you bring action. Like Home Alone or Die Hard

Rhys Thomas has primarily directed comedy, such as episodes of Saturday Night Live O Chad. So Hawkeye would be his first action series, something that he has shown to cope well with, although shooting with a bow has been very impractical:

I hadn’t thought much about it until you really dig into action. You realize how impractical the gun is. It’s a bit clumsy to take her out and take her to places and you can’t walk down the street with her. You cannot hide it. I think the challenge was taking into consideration the reality in the practice of transporting an arc from one action sequence to the next. How to get there. But Clint has been using it long enough and it can be used for both shooting and fighting. So I guess that way it’s versatile

Hawk Eye premieres on Disney + with a double episode this coming Wednesday, November 24.