Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the perfect Joker, but we’ve seen what Leonardo DiCaprio’s version would be like and we can’t stop imagining it

The Joker is like colors, we all have a favorite. The iconic DC character has had several versions on the big screen throughout its history, all of them with a different charm and a lot of charisma. The last to join the list has been Joaquin Phoenix, who has signed the most earthly adaptation of the Gotham villain.

With his performance in joker (2019), Phoenix earned the unanimous favor of critics, but, What if the role had fallen to Leonardo Dicaprio? You may not remember it, but DiCaprio sounded among those who were considering to give life to the Clown Prince of Crime. Since Martin Scorsese was involved in the project until 2018, there were many who looked at his fetish actor as the ideal candidate to play him.

the illustrator BossLogicKnown for making magic with actors and characters, it didn’t take long for him to imagine the actor in the role of Harley Quinn’s lover.

The reception of Leonardo DiCaprio as the Joker was very positive. The publication reached hundreds of reactions in its day, the vast majority ensuring that he was the interpreter that best fits. “This one, just this one,” said one user. “Unreal, now there is no other option for the Joker”, assured another. Many others pointed out that he was a very terrifying version of the character and others related him directly to Jack Nicholson. In case you don’t know, DiCaprio is able to perfectly imitate the eyebrow movement of the mythical Joker from the 90s.

You have to understand that all these comments are from the pre-Phoenix era, that is, before we witnessed the great movie that Todd Phillips released in 2019. Now everything has changed. DC fans are overturned with this unique project that Phillips and Phoenix are up to. Now also with Lady Gaga on board, who will star in Joker: Folie à Deuxthe sequel in musical format to the adventures of the villain.