John Wick comes to Resident Evil 4 Remake with this mod; You’ll see what’s going on when he finds out that the dog has already died

Resident Evil 4 Remake is just a week away from reaching the whole world. Although the press embargo has been lifted today and our colleague Alejandro Pascual has told us that Capcom’s Spain is still spectacular, the community is already testing the ground with mod for your demo. The last one, and the one that has done me the most grace so far, is one that moddea to Leon as John Wick. And he is very funny just for one detail.

He mode in question does not have much mystery. Just substitute the face modeling of the surviving character of the Raccoon City massacre for the face of Keanu Reeves; as well as the hair, which is slightly longer and blacker, how could it be otherwise.

In this case, we are talking about a mode for the demo version of the game, but it’s not something that can’t be carried over to the final game. Of course, although the person in charge of the video is Dan Allen Gaming, youtuber known to use others mod just as absurd, the creator is XxCRAZYPOTATOxX. His mod is available to download completely free on Nexus Mod unlike some of Dan’s creations.

As for the mode itself, adds points to the absurd taking into account one of the additions that this remake: You cannot save the wolf from the beginning of the original game. Yes, a disaster that John Wick will surely not take well at all, and that is that in this remake, the wolfor dog for some, he’s already dead by the time we got to the village.

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Be that as it may, this does not detract from this reimagining of the 2005 classic. Remember that the game will be released next Friday, March 24thand we, after having played it too, can anticipate that it is a port very solid that it will not be difficult to move it regardless of the PC you have.

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