Johnny Hallyday, a performer from every angle

the essential
Before “rediscovering” him, in the “Johnny symphonique tour” in May, at the Zénith in Toulouse, the rocker n ° 1 is always at the heart of a rich record and editorial news.

From 1960 on the stage of the Alhambra in Paris (opening act for Raymond Devos!) To 2017, at the Zénith in Toulouse and in the magical enclosure of the great theater of the City of Carcassonne, Johnny Hallyday has toured a lot. And who has never seen him in concert cannot imagine the charisma he had, this powerful demonic who animated him, this generosity that he poured out on the audience. All this, we find it in the beautiful book, “Johnny, his concerts, his most beautiful love story”, written by Jean-François Chenut and illustrated with photographs by Michel Leclerq. Johnny said it himself: “The only moments of honor and happiness that I have known, it is the public which made me live them while being always present.” We therefore find him, quite a kid, dressed as a cowboy, a young idol who sways then bare-chested and dripping, wearing flashy and futuristic costumes, going from the Olympia to the Eiffel Tower, from the Zénith to Bercy (250,000 spectators in this room, then the largest in Paris, in 1990). The shocking photos immediately plunge us into the Hallyday cauldron. Unfortunately, except for the last ones, they are not captioned. And Toulouse fans imagine that some of them were necessarily taken at the Sports Palace or at the Zenith of the Pink City … (Gründ, 260 p., 29,95 euros).

Classics and curiosities

Johnny in concert, we find him in two albums that address the singer’s 2000s. “Warner rarities” appear on a double CD, the second of which has 18 live tracks recorded between 2006 and 2016 on various stages, including the classics “Son of Nobody”, “I forgot to live”, “Allumer le feu”, “Gabrielle” or “Something from Tennessee”. The other rarities are mostly from collector’s editions of several studio albums. Among the curiosities: “Imagine” (by John Lennon) in duet with Laeticia and “Seul”, impressive in a cappella version (Warner). “My name is Johnny” tells us again about Hallyday’s passion for America. What gives a beautiful film, aesthetically sophisticated, by Pascal Duchêne, proposed on DVD, and a CD of 16 songs testifying to the US tour of 2014. That year, Johnny sings “The Promised Land” in Houston, “Hey Joe “in Washington,” The music that I love “(with Jean Reno) in New York,” The penitentiary “in San Francisco or even” The tender years “in Miami. Sacred journey, now legendary (Warner).

“Johnny Symphonique Tour”, Tuesday May 31 at 8 p.m. at the Zénith in Toulouse. Prices: from 50 to 85 euros.