Jorge Brazález, winner of ‘MasterChef 5’, reveals the most unknown details of the program: “You can talk 10 minutes a week with a loudspeaker”

The winner of the fifth edition of the culinary ‘talent’ has revealed what his experience was like in the star format of RTVE.


masterchef It is one of the most successful programs of recent times. The 11th edition of the anonymous version has already started production, and it promises not to leave you indifferent by these significant changes. There are many contestants who have passed through the kitchens of the culinary ‘talent’, but very few manage to be crowned winners. One of them was Jorge Brazalez, who in 2017 won the precious award. Her life changed completely after this experience, which he has now been encouraged to disengage and tell the secrets of the RTVE program.

“They put us 16 there that year and They take away your cell phone and TV“, recognizes Brazález in the Kapra podcast. The winner of master chef 5 He has explained that they put all the contestants to live in a house during the months that the ‘talent’ lasts without having contact with reality. A few months away from family and friends with whom “you can talk 10 minutes a week on speakerphone.”

Brazález explained that the hands-free call is listened to by someone from the production company “so as not to tell anything because like every week one leaves.” “It’s a competition, and in competitions sometimes they make it more difficult for you than you think to surprise you, declared the cook. This fact can make the so-called controversy of Patricia Conde and the oven that was supposedly turned off more true.

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The after the recordings of ‘MasterChef’

However, Jorge acknowledges that the most difficult thing to carry is after the recordings. Contestants can’t reveal anything that happened until after the hit show airs, and that can easily be more than three months. “They suddenly give you the phone and (people) still haven’t seen it, so you’re like three months on the street knowing you’ve won, but you can’t say it“, has confessed the cook.

Until he opened his restaurant in Ibiza, and recently in Formigal, Jorge Brazález returned to his job as a mixologist. Those responsible for this did not like this too much. masterchef, since they did not see much agreement with it. “Working in El Beso, at the door, in Formentera, where I went back to the same thing I was doing before, and now masterchef He told me: ‘hey Jorge, if you’ve won the program we believe that You can’t be working as a mojitero, because it doesn’t have much consistency“, has recognized the cook.

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