José Sacristán will receive the Goya of Honor 2022

Andrea Zamora

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According to the Film Academy, the actor has been chosen for “representing us in a unique way in so many unforgettable titles” and “for anticipating from the screen some of the great changes that we are experiencing in our cinema and in our society.”

The Film Academy Awards have already chosen the person who will take over Goya of Honor 2022. José Sacristán, actor of titles such as Beehive and The dead and be happy, will receive this recognition at the gala of the 36th edition of the Spanish awards, which will take place on February 12 on The Arts of Valencia.

The Board of Directors of the Academy has decided that Sacristán will receive this award for “to be a model of dedication, passion, ethics and professionalism for all young filmmakers”. The interpreter has been one of the faces and voices of Spanish cinema for the last six decades and has represented us “in a unique way in so many unforgettable titles that are part of our intimate memory” and has advanced “from the screen some of the great changes that we are experiencing in our cinema and in our society “.

Sacristán was one of the founders of the Academy 36 years ago and knowing that he is the chosen one to receive the Goya de Honor has led him back to the 1985 meeting with producer Alfredo Matas from which the Film Academy was born. “I am proud of where the Academy is now”Sacristán said in a statement.

The interpreter acknowledges being “very excited” by this award. “My career has been the joy of the child who has seen his purpose fulfilled, that of making people believe that he was the student, the town crier, the recruit, the emigrant, the lawyer, the doctor … and that people believed it. And the luck that throughout this journey my best friends and the people dearest to me, apart from my family, are in the profession. What more can I ask for! “, He adds.

With more than 125 films behind him, Sacristán made his film debut in 1965 with The family and one more. His last work has been in Be careful what you wish for, directed by Fernando Colomo. Mario Camus, José Luis Garci, Mariano Ozores, David Trueba and Carlos Vermut are other filmmakers with whom he has worked. The silly of the boat, Come to Germany, Pepe and Grandpa are some of the titles of his filmography. He has also participated in series such as Velvet and High seas.