Juliette Armanet will “burn the fire” at the Bikini and the Zénith in Toulouse in 2022

the essential
If her new album, “Brûler le feu”, has not yet exploded, Juliette Armanet is on the other hand eagerly awaited on stage. She will be at the Bikini and the Zénith in 2022.

Looking at the album sales rankings is always informative… and sometimes surprising. At the moment, behind the unwavering Adele, it is Angèle and Orelsan who are pulling the plug, obviously being able to count on a very loyal public. Things are a bit more complicated for Juliette Armanet. Admittedly, his second album, “Brûler le feu”, justly acclaimed by the critics, behaves rather well. But, since its release on November 19, it has not exceeded tenth place and is now in 15th. The most astonishing thing is to see Clara Luciani toasting politeness by going up to 12th position with, too, her second album, “Heart”, released … 26 weeks ago. In concert, the attraction exerted by the two young women is reversed. Scheduled at the Bikini de Ramonville-Saint-Agne on March 24, 2022, Clara Luciani is not yet sold out. In the same room, two days later, Juliette Armanet had refueled for a long time.
“Awaken desire and dance”
But don’t worry: she will come back to see us on December 1, this time in a much larger Zenith. In both cases, the singer’s dancing approach should work wonders in suitable places for singing in chorus and jiggling until you are thirsty.
We are waiting firmly for “The last day of disco” and the other well-balanced titles such as “Whatever”, “You play me” or Save my life ”in a live version, for a festive experience that Juliette Armanet claims:“ Disco is music intended to arouse desire, dance, something very enjoyable ”. Enjoyment that the people of Toulouse will be thousands to share in spring and winter version.

Juliette Armanet in concert at the Bikini in Ramonville-Saint-Agne on Saturday March 26, 2022 (sold out) and at the Zénith in Toulouse on Thursday December 1 (prices: from 36 to 55 euros). Tel. 05 62 73 44 70 (www.bleucitron.net).