Kaagaz movie download by the website tamilrockers

Kaagaz movie download by the website tamilrockers
You must have a government document to prove you are alive; Which will prove that you are alive. But what will you do if the government courtier is ‘dead’ in the registration of documents? The poignant answer to this question is Satish Kaushik’s written-directed paper this is the movie.

A common man we are living ourselves; What it does to prove this and to what level it goes; This is shown in the movie ‘Paper’. In a village in Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh), some relatives bribe government officials to grab land and declare Lal Bihari dead on government documents.

He fights for eighteen years with the so-called system to prove himself alive. The film focuses on the struggling Lal Bihari. With the exception of a few parts of the movie, the rest of the film is sharp, piercing, and gives the system a whirlwind slap.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi was never seen in the title role of the movie. However, a well-known actor-director like Satish Kaushik has chosen Pankaj Tripathi for the lead role in the film. Pankaj embodies the essence of any role through his acting. The role of Bharat Lal in the movie ‘Paper’ is no exception. Every element of the personality line, pauses, punctuation, body language, etc. is trying to tell the story.

Bharat Lal (Pankaj Tripathi), a band master in a village in UP, with his wife Rukmini ( Monal Gajjar)) Is doing our world with. He goes to the bank to get a loan to grow his small livelihood. The bank says you have to mortgage something to get a loan. On it he will be able to mortgage his share of the land of his heavenly Father; For this, he goes to the relatives to get the documents.

But, Bharat’s relatives would have declared him dead in the government office and his land would have been confiscated by himself. This is where the struggle for the existence of Lal Bihari begins. Bharat is circling the government office. He tells his story by writing letters to everyone from the Collector to the Prime Minister.

Also runs to court. There he meets a lawyer named Sadhuram Kewat (Satish Kaushik). He supports her in this struggle. But, what is this struggle? You have to watch movies to know this.

The movie is poignant and poignant. But; Director Satish Kaushik could not resist the temptation to spice up Bollywood in cinema. Exaggeration has caused cinema to falter in some places.

The script loosens the grip on the plot. In the first half of the movie, the lawyer begins to tell the essence of the story in the voice of this character as the narrator. This series of narrators is difficult to watch while watching movies. The script of the rest of the movie has blossomed well. The technical aspects of the movie are also neat.

If Satish had directed the movie more strictly, he would have made a century as a director. ‘Paper’ would have been more effective as a comprehensive cinema; Which has fallen somewhat this time.