Kagan Ranaut wishes sister Rangoli on a wedding anniversary, shares a cute note by sharing a picture

Kagan Ranaut wishes sister Rangoli on a wedding anniversary, shares a cute note by sharing a picture
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut Social ( Kangana Ranaut ) is very active in the media. She often shares photos of herself and her family. Now he shared the old photo of his sister Rangoli Chandel and her husband and congratulated the two on their 10th wedding anniversary. Let’s say that Kangana Ranaut is sharing her post on Instagram after the Twitter account was suspended.

Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday shared a picture of the time of Rangoli Chandel and her husband’s wedding on their Instagram account story. With this Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘Happy 10th anniversary to the lovers. You both believe in true love and together, thank you for being so amazing. ‘ Along with this he also produced Heart Emoji.

Rangoli Chandel has also shared cute pictures of her husband Ajay and son Prithviraj on their Instagram account. Rangoli Chandel wrote with it, ‘Dear husband, thank you for telling us at the 10th anniversary of our wedding that your wife is always right. Happy anniversary Ajay. I am very happy to have you in my life and I love you very much. ‘

Let’s say that recently Kangana Ranaut has been found to be Corona positive and she shared this information on her Instagram account. Kangana Ranaut posted a picture of herself, writing, ‘For the last few days, I was feeling very tired and weak with a burning sensation in my eyes. I was going to leave for Himachal, so I got my test done yesterday and today its result has come that I am Kovid positive. ‘

Kangana Ranaut further wrote, ‘I have quarantined myself. Little did I know that this virus is partying in my body. Now I know if I will finish it. Please do not let anything dominate you, if you get scared then it will scare you more. Let us ruin COVID-19. This is nothing but the short-term flu about which a lot of pressure has been created and now it has come to dominate the minds of some people. Everywhere Shiva’