Kapil Sharma gave a special name to his son

Kapil Sharma gave a special name to his son, knowing that he will be praised

Kapil Sharma was a father again for the second time this year in February. He has recently announced the birth of his first child, a son, with his wife Ginni. He has now shared the child’s name using social media sites. I would like to share with you the meaning of Kapil’s son’s name.

The popular comedian called Comedy King Kapil Sharma is once again being praised by the people. This time Kapil is getting praise, not because of any of his punches, but because he chose his son’s name in a unique and meaningful way. For the 2nd time in February, Kapil Sharma became the proud father of a child.

The actor and his wife Ginni Chatrath have given birth to a son. Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath have named their son since his birth. After listening to which you also will not be able to live without being praised.
This is how the name came to be.

Ginni Chatrath and Kapil Sharma are set to reunite in the upcoming month of February. In the past, Kapil did not show the son’s name and photo to anyone, but now something has occurred and on social media, Kapil has revealed his son’s full name. It was reported that on the birthday of Kapil, singer Niti Mohan sent him his best wishes as well as demanded the name of his son. After this, Kapil revealed his son’s name on social media.

What is the name of Kapil and Ginni’s son?

When Neeti Mohan said this in the tweet on Kapil’s birthday, ‘Happy Birthday Kapil Paaji. A lot of love goes out to you and your family. Please tell me the baby boy’s name. Therefore, Kapil wrote in a tweet that he thanks Neetu for sending her this message, and he hopes that she takes care of herself: we have called our son Trishan.

What does the word Trishan mean?

The name Kapil gave his son is quite different from the one he has chosen for his son. Let me tell you that there are two cases of this name and both of them are particularly cute. It has been said that there is one king of joy who calls Trishan his name, and another person who calls Trishan Victory.