Kate Winslet can’t stand seeing herself in ‘Titanic’: “I would change every scene”

25 years later, the actress can’t see the performance she did at the beginning of her career and that launched her to fame.

Kate Winslet made her acting debut when she was just 15 years old and rose to fame six years later, in 1997. In other words, she was very young when she was exposed to the public, and like many of us, Winslet also suffers watching his beginnings. In fact, he has publicly acknowledged that I would change each of his scenes in titanicthe film that catapulted his career.

In a 2012 interview with CNNWinslet assures that she is unable to hear or see herself in the film that she stars with Leonardo DiCaprio, the same one that gave her a Best Actress nomination at the Oscars and that has been praised on multiple occasions.

I’m like ‘Agh, really? really? did you do it like this? OMG. Even my American accent. I look at him and think ‘Agh, I can’t even hear myself.’ It is awful. Luckily it’s much better now

Winslet was born in Reading, England, but began working in the United States at a very young age. His first feature film heavenly creatures, by Peter Jackson, was already in American territory, so she was not a newcomer to the country. However, it was still early to hide the accent from him and, though Winslet tried, it hasn’t passed her own filter decades later.

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In that same interview, Kate Winslet confesses that she believes that her interpretation has evolved, but that she will never abandon something that many actors carry: self-criticism. “She sounds terribly self-indulgent, but I think actors tend to be quite self-critical, and I have a really hard time seeing myself anyway,” she says before charging again. titanic, “I look at her and I just think ‘Oh, I want to do it again. Can we come back please? One more take?”.

None of the actors involved were prepared for the fame that they were going to achieve with titanic. It happened overnight and threw them into the public eye in a way they didn’t imagine. Almost three decades later they continue to suffer the most unexpected consequences. For example, Winslet being asked to autograph a copy of Jack’s famous nude drawing of Rose. “I don’t sign it. It’s very awkward, why would you do something like that? People ask me to sign that nude many times. I didn’t want it to be an image that I would still see 16 or 17 years later“, he assures.

“You would have to pay me a lot of money to work with Jim again”: Before ‘Avatar 2’ it seemed that Kate Winslet and James Cameron did not want to see each other even in paint

titanic has already turned 25, coinciding with the reunion between Kate Winslet and James Cameron in Avatar 2: The Sense of Water. The relationship between the filmmaker and the actress has gone through bad times -she even went so far as to ensure that she would not work with him again-, but the passage of time has helped the reconciliation and now they collaborate together in one of the highest grossing films of history.