Kate Winslet proves that being a good person costs nothing with this powerful viral video

The next time you’re afraid to do something, watch this video of the actress who recently released ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’.

If we talk about people in Hollywood who have earned the title of being considered a “good person”, surely Keanu Reeves comes to mind. The actor has shown that there are few who can compare to him in terms of kindness, but from time to time a video appears that proves that Reeves is not bad company in that area. The last one has starred Kate Winslet, which has just released Avatar: The Sense of Water.

The video in question, which has been quickly shared on social networks, shows the actress in full promotion of the sequel to Avatar. In front of Winslet there is a young girl who confesses to the interpreter that this is her first time doing an interview.

And this is what the actress answers:

Is it your first time doing this? Voucher. Look, you know what? When we do this interview, it’s going to be the most amazing interview. You know why? Because we’ve decided it’s going to be.” So, we’ve decided right now, you and I, that this is going to be a really great interview. And you can ask me anything you want and you don’t have to be afraid. Everything is going to be amazing. You can do it. Come on, go for it!

In short, Winslet shows that it costs nothing to be a good person and he does it with some powerful words for the person who is about to interview someone for the first time. The video can help you: Next time you’re afraid to do something, put it on.

You can watch the video of the moment below:

Avatar: The Sense of Water supposes the Winslet’s second collaboration with the director James Cameron, with whom he worked on titanic 25 years ago. The film about the sinking of the famous ocean liner was a box office success at the end of the 90s, raising more than two billion dollars worldwide. What’s more, it is the third highest grossing title in history behind Avatar -number one- and Avengers: Endgame -number two-.

Avatar: The Sense of Water Not bad at the box office either. The sequel, released more than a decade after the first installment, has surpassed one billion at the box office and is approaching, week after week, to exceed two billion dollars. Currently, the second installment is in the seventh place on the list of highest grossing films in the history of cinema.

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