Kedarnath movie download by the website 123movies

Kedarnath movie download by the website 123movies

It is considered to be a general love story as the destruction caused by floods and landslides make for a captivating sight. The film shows the victims of the destruction caused by the 2013 Uttarakhand earthquake.

The movie has some flaws and good things. Debutant Sara Ali Khan strengthens the movie amidst all of the drama. Her first screen performance is phenomenal. Audiences are sure to be thoroughly entertained throughout the film.

Filmed on location in the mountain ranges, Tushar Kanti’s drone-assisted cinematography produced some amazing images of the Himalayas. Beautiful shots of the city of Kedarnath were shot as well.

In the story, there is a unique relationship between the locals. Hindu devotees are highly respected, and Muslim pilgrims are completing their pilgrimage across the city.

There is a distinct secular atmosphere depicted in the works of Abhishek Kapoor and Kanika Dhillon, which both speak to the commercialization of hotels, malls, and tourism in Kedarnath. The film touched on this compelling issue a bit before moving on and caused a major catastrophe to the environment. The filmmaker touched on this powerful topic a bit but did not dwell on it.

There is a lot of importance assigned to the love story that links Mukku and Mansoor. However, the film seems to establish the romance between the two a bit slow. Sara Ali Khan gives a strong performance.

Occasionally I am reminded of Amrita Singh, the lead actress of the ‘Betaab’ and ‘Chameli Ki Shaadi’ films because she plays Sara’s mother. The confidence he has on camera and how he can totally steal any scene, no matter the setting, speaks volumes of his talent. Although Sushant Singh is also performing well, his winning performance can usually be seen on screen once every three to four years.

There is not one single romantic song in Love Story that can grab the attention of the viewers as the film has a number of other songs. Amit Trivedi’s other movies other than ‘Namo Namo’ did not succeed in providing any music for Kedarnath’s mood.

As much as the destruction that could have been caused by this conflict, Abhishek Kapoor tried to set up a love story with CGI effects, which made the film’s CGI Effects create many impressive shots together.