Kerem Bürsin and his unknown past as Margot Robbie’s chauffeur before his success with ‘Love is in the Air’

Now the Turkish television star plans to return to the United States with his partner, Hande Erçel.

Now what Love is in the air has reached its final outcome in Turkey – in Spain there are still a few weeks ahead to discover the outcome of Serkan and Eda’s love story – its protagonists, Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, also a couple in real life, They plan to cross the pond and spend a period in the United States in search of both training and new opportunities. To the one in charge of giving life to the romantic Serkan Bolat, however, Life in America will not be strange to him, since he spent much of his childhood and youth there.

Yes indeed, Although it was in the United States that Bürsin began to make his first steps as an actor, now he returns as an international star, since Love is in the air It has been a true global phenomenon, also on the other side of the Atlantic and more especially in Latin America.

As revealed in a famous interview given last summer to Ibrahim Selim’s program on You Tube, One of the things he was doing during his past in the United States was working as a chauffeur in Los Angeles. It was not his only job there, as Bürsin has also revealed that he was working as a personal trainer and valet parking, but it is especially striking because The main anecdote he shares from his times as a driver is that he was the driver of a great Hollywood star: Margot Robbie.

So, as Bürsin explained, Margot Robbie was not Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad nor had she been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for Yo, Tonya, but he remembers perfectly why she was beginning to be known.

He took actors in a company for € 75 a day. He took foreign actors to the places they wanted to go. They told me Margot Robbie was coming, I don’t know if she was famous at the time. She was going to a casting. We were with her for two weeks. Then he left. She would come back later and she already became famous

Now Kerem Bürsin is a potential Turkish star and has a huge following on social media, but he started small with small roles and he never forgets his past, which he is proud of and often recounts in interviews. “I spent my childhood abroad. We were always building a new life. The advantage is that no matter where, you are in the world. And the human pattern is the same.”

After the end of Love is in the Air, a world of possibilities opens up in front of Bürsin, who, together with Hande Erçel, is afraid of nothing and is willing to go wherever his dreams take him.