Kerem Bürsin applauds the resounding protest of an activist at a Louis Vuitton show

Sara heredia

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The actor who has risen to international fame for ‘Love is in the air’ usually speaks out about different social movements.

Kerem Bürsin does not hide his views on today’s hottest topics. She declares herself a feminist, joins the fight for human rights, supports the protection of the environment and does not hesitate to spread the most diverse protests on her social networks, such as the one that recently occurred at a Louis Vuitton fashion show held in Paris.

On Tuesday, October 4, a parade of the luxurious Louis Vuitton brand took place. In the middle of the show, a protester broke into the catwalk carrying a huge poster where you could read “Excessive consumption = Extinction”, as a way of denouncing the mode of consumption in today’s society. The actor has shared the news on his official Twitter account and has responded with applause in the form of an icon, implying that you agree with the message.

Bürsin has been denouncing excessive consumption for some time. In a recent interview with SHE, Bürsin talked about the importance of reusing the wardrobe in order to generate less impact on the environment. He also pointed to brands that test their products on living things and asked them to change their practices.

“I love fashion, I have a lot of respect for those who express themselves through what they wear, but it is not my priority. I have been wearing this for 8 years, the boots on my feet are 11-12 years old. We are in a period in which we must be more responsible to the world. We should also hold brands, like those that test on animals, accountable“, declared the actor.

The actor of Love is in the air He is very active on social media and always encourages others to express their point of view. “I’ve always been like this. I believe that no one should be silent about human rights, nature and animals, because our voice and our thoughts are our most valuable things, “he noted in SHE.

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