Kerem Bursin as Ottoman Prince: The Uncanny Resemblance of an RPG Character Illustration to the Actor

A fan has shown the amazing resemblance of the drawing of a well-known illustrator with the Turkish interpreter.

kerem bursin He is one of the most successful Turkish actors. The role of him in Love is in the air It has made the interpreter known in half the world, which is why he has a large number of admirers. His fans are looking forward to his new series An Unusual Story, which has not yet been released, while they are still pending all their steps. However, an image has caused great expectation. And it seems that a fan had caught a new character of the actor.

The image shows what appears to be Bursin as a Ottoman prince, defiant, smiling and unstoppable. In addition, the character is seen pierced by several spears and swords that do not affect him and is preparing to attack his opponents. The person who has shared the image asks directly: “@TheBursin, is that you?”. “Incredible, right?” replied the successful interpreter.

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However, and to the chagrin of his fans, this image is not Bursin. It is true that at first glance he does seem like the beloved actor, but in reality the image corresponds to an illustration of a role playing game character. A famous illustrator Anna Podedworna aka Akreon on Instagram posted a drawing she did of Olgierd: Immortal.

The resemblance of the character in the image to Bursin is uncanny, so the illustrator may have been inspired by the successful actor. However, Akreon has not ruled on whether this inspiration is true, but what cannot be denied is that the character is a clone of the interpreter.

Without a doubt, this image confirms that the characterization as an Ottoman prince Kerem Bursin would be wonderful. Now we have a need to see the successful actor star in a fantasy series.

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