Kerem Bürsin is very clear about what it would be like as a father: “I want him to understand and know nature”

For the actor of the Turkish soap opera ‘Love is in the air’, the family is one of the pillars, although it has not yet entered into his plans.

Kerem Bürsin had always wanted to be a father at the age of 30. He is now 34 years old and has a successful career, but his parenting plans have been postponed. Since it appeared in Love is in the air Many doors have been opened to him and opportunities have been presented to him that he did not have before. Hence, I do not see it possible to start a family at this time.

In an interview with SHE Turkey, the actor has talked about his plans to be a father and, although he would love it, he knows that right now he could not take on that responsibility.

I love children and I get along very well, but raising children is a huge responsibility so I’m in no rush for it to happen anytime soon

“I must not forget the facts of life. I wouldn’t want to raise a child in the hustle and bustle of city life and be exposed to these monotonous educational systems.. I want him to understand and know nature, to be one with the animals, to be together, “continues the actor, who seems to be very clear about the values ​​he wants to convey.

Currently, Bürsin is fully involved in the projects of his production company Braveborn. In that same interview he listed some of the most important, such as the adaptation of Ahmet Ümit’s book entitled Love is Dog, whose script is almost finished, and that of Cevrimdisi Ask, another novel, this time by Sebnem Burcuoglu. At the same time, he is very focused on enhancing the career of the Turkish musician Botan White, with which he has taken a position of patron that leads him to produce his work.

All this while maintaining his acting career, which is his true passion. At the moment there are no known film or television projects, although it had been announced that he would star in the first Turkish series for Disney +. In any case, you are probably considering what your next step in the performance will be after having closed a stage with the end of the recording of Love is in the air.

That the actor is busy enough to start a family is good news for his career, but fans will take it with some disappointment, as they are looking forward to seeing him in his role as father alongside Hande Erçel, the wife of whom he is totally in love right now. Of her he has said that “it is incredible” and that he is sure that, whatever happens, they will continue to be friends.

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