Kevin Spacey will pay 31 million dollars to the producer of ‘House of Cards’ for breaching the contract after the sex scandal

The actor was fired outright in the series’ final season following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct by team members.

Kevin Spacey will have to pay about 31 million dollars to the producer of House of Cards, MRC, for breach of his contract after the sex scandal that took place in 2017 that ended with the dismissal of the then protagonist of the Netflix series. The controversial departure of the interpreter occurred immediately after several accusations were made against him by different members of the fiction team. According to these accusations, the actor would be creating “a toxic work environment” for overindulging with his co-stars and for maintaining a “predatory behavior” on the ‘set’ of filming.

MRC, la producer behind House of Cards assured then that “creating and maintaining a safe workspace for our actors and crew” had always been his top priority, while Netflix acted fast: It would not be part of any production that included Kevin Spacey. The dismissal was sudden and the sixth and final season of the series completely eliminated the protagonist of its plans, leaving the character of Robin Wright, Claire Underwood, as the main protagonist of the story and leaving Frank, the character of Spacey, for dead. under mysterious circumstances.

Spacey’s firing from House of Cards caused the already planned sixth season to have to be completely rewritten. In addition, the 13 episodes that had been originally planned to put the finishing touch to the series were reduced to eight.


Now, an arbitrator has just ruled in favor of MRC in his lawsuit against Kevin Spacey for damages for the loss of income caused by his departure and has demanded the actor to compensate MRC with 29.5 million dollars in damages and 1.4 million in costs and attorneys’ fees.

The news, however, is not new to Spacey. The ruling of the arbitrator in charge of the case occurred in October 2020 and had been confidential until it was made public this Monday as part of a motion presented by the producer in the Superior Court of Justice of Los Angeles to ratify the sentence. The appeals filed by Spacey and the production companies he owns were rejected.

“The safety of our employees, settings and work environments is of the utmost importance to MRC and that is why we set out to promote accountability,” reads the MRC statement accessed by the specialized website Deadline. In its motion to confirm the arbitrator’s judgment in court, MRC states that:

[El responsable de llevar a cabo el arbitraje] It considers that Spacey, as a result of certain conduct with various members of the team in each of the five seasons that he starred in ‘House of Cards’, has repeatedly broken his contractual obligations for the provision of his services “professionally” and “consistently with the reasonable guidelines, practices and policies of the company “, among which is the Harassment Policy. And all without the consent of MRC.

At that time, House of Cards It was one of Netflix’s star series and it was facing the sixth and final season that would dismiss the story completely. The plans, however, were cut short when allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct began to surface. According to the MRC lawsuit, filed in 2019, Spacey’s behavior had caused great losses of money.


It all began in October 2017 with the first accusation: that of actor Anthony Rapp, who in full promotion of his series Star Trek Discovery revealed during an interview with BuzzFeed News that she was the victim of sexual harassment by Spacey when she was just 14 years old. The actor’s reaction was not long in coming, through a statement in which he openly declared himself homosexual and said he did not remember the event, although he apologized for his inappropriate behavior that he attributed to alcohol consumption.

After Rapp’s story, the rest would come: director Tony Montana, Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, eight members of the film crew House of Cards and the confirmation of a complaint produced within the series also five years ago. Meanwhile, Spacey was fired from the series and other projects, Hollywood showed him its rejection and honorary awards were immediately withdrawn.

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