Know why Salman Khan was harassed by former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat, read full news

Know why Salman Khan was harassed by former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat, read full news

Sofia Hayat, who was seen in Bigg Boss 7, has fiercely attacked Salman Khan. Sofia has said that she did not intentionally share the stage with Salman Khan. She also accused Salman Khan of earning money through religion.

Sofia Hayat has slammed Salman Khan. Also she has revealed that she deliberately did not come on stage with Salman Khan during Bigg Boss 7 finale. The reason behind this is that ideals and truths of her life are bigger than her self-esteem.

Sofia was a contestant in Bigg Boss 7 which came in 2013. Sofia Hayat has shared many pictures on Instagram. Apart from this, she has written a long note for Salman Khan. Sofia has also written that Salman Khan uses the same method every time to share his picture. He wrote, ‘Don’t you think about the times when you cast women younger than you in films?’

Sofia Hayat further wrote, ‘Salman Khan uses the same trick every time before the film’s release. His film is released on Eid. He uses religious festivals to promote the picture and make money from it. Keeps type story line and cheesy look for camera and same old story that girl-boy dies. Every time they use younger girls.

Shouldn’t they choose actress according to their age ? They also speak cheesy type of dialogues. They have done nothing to develop themselves. Their audience is now grown up and tired of watching the same type of stories. When I was watching the trailer of Radhe, I didn’t feel like I Haven’t seen anything like this before.

Sophia Hayat further says, ‘Watching Randeep Hooda was even more painful. He is a good actor. His performance has worsened due to bad writing. Did he choose the role because he wanted to work with Salman. The roles became the subject of prestige at times.

She is done because if Randeep had said that the role was very poorly written, he might have been thrown out of Bollywood. That is why I did not share the stage with Salman on Bigg Boss. Salman Khan’s film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai was released on OTT, although the film has not received good reviews from film critics.