Koh-Lanta: candidates intoxicated by eating pandanus

the essential
For the second episode of “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”, the talisman has changed sides. A threatened candidate managed to find a strategic weapon which unfortunately did not allow him to save his skin.

A week ago, “Koh-Lanta” made a comeback. Célia, a member of the yellow team, who had been preparing for 14 years, was the first eliminated. 19 candidates were in competition at the start of the second episode broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1. Nicolas and Héléna are the team leaders of the two tribes, the Tinago and the Paniman.

The sacred fire has changed sides

Before the first comfort game, Nicolas had to put the sacred fire talisman back into play. The event consisted of each team breaking ten targets in a relay after crossing an obstacle course starting from a pontoon at sea. Each candidate had three projectiles. The red team won this game of skill and the fishing kit that was at stake. At the same time, the power of the sacred fire changed sides and returned to the reds and Rudy, chosen by Nicolas.

The reds were able to catch a few fish despite clumsiness while the yellows tried for hours to try to make a fire while singing… Claude François! Their tenacity paid off as the team finally managed to light the fire. Lack of luck, the yellows roasted pandanus which they confused with the fruits of the breadfruit tree. However, this aromatic plant causes more or less significant tingling of the throat and lips. The production let the candidates eat it without intervening. Many adventurers have suffered the consequences. One of the contestants, Quentin, suffered from food poisoning and felt ill the next day but the game doctor did not seem to intervene.

For the immunity test, the adventurers had to go get fire at the other end of the beach after crossing an obstacle course with a 90 kg fire carrier. Purpose ? Make a torch climb an inclined plane using pieces of wood to light a large basin. The yellows showed skill and coordination to win the event, inflicting a real beating on the reds. This victory allowed the Paniman to win the immunity totem.

First tip for the reds

Back at camp, with the Holy Fire talisman in Rudy’s hands, the team had to decide who to eliminate during the council. Two names came back: Emin the oldest candidate or Héléna because of her character. Knowing he was threatened, Emin the Belgian tried to convince Rudy to protect him with the talisman and set out to search for an immunity necklace in the wild. Bingo! He found a strategic weapon: “the double vote” or the possibility of voting twice in the evening at the council.

At the same time, Rudy warned Héléna that she was in danger and the name of a potential third candidate to be eliminated came up in the conversations: Alexandre the strategist.

In the evening, at the council, the adventurers decided to vote against Emin with 9 votes and Christine with 2 votes. Emin’s double vote was not enough to save his skin.