Koh Lanta. “Le pompon sur la Garonne”: Amber intrigues Internet users with this Toulouse expression

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Two new candidates from “Koh-Lanta” were eliminated in the new episode broadcast on Tuesday evening. Tensions are getting stronger and stronger between ex-reds and ex-yellows.

A week after the departure of the Swiss candidate Colin, the adventurers of “Koh-Lanta” form one and the same team: the reunited tribe. And each event is played individually and no longer as a team.

For the game of comfort, the test was unprecedented. In the water, off, without having a foothold, the candidates had to hold a large ball in an imposing iron gutter, held at arm’s length with a stick. Yannick lost in 14 seconds. After 30 minutes, the candidates had to hold the stick with both hands. After a fierce battle between Bastien and François, the 34-year-old firefighter from Hérault won the race in more than an hour. Yannick and Fouzi, the first two eliminated were victims of the cursed totem synonymous with an additional vote against them on the board.

Shower, fruit and massage

For François, the reward was grandiose: a shower, a basket full of fruit and a long back massage. For this comfort, he had chosen to take Ambre, also from Hérault. To say that they enjoyed this moment of relaxation is an understatement. They devoured six mangoes!

The next morning, on waking, stupor over the camp. Fouzi’s cassava bowl had disappeared. Several adventurers suspected Maxime, very attached to food. The candidate denied.

The immunity test was a classic of “Koh-Lanta”: the grapple test. On the beach, a grapple in hand, the adventurers had to throw it away to bring back three wooden pucks located between 6.50 m and 7 m. François once again won this event. This time the loser was eliminated on the spot. It was Pauline, the young 25-year-old communications officer, who had to leave, bringing tears to her former team.

Maxime ready to betray his team?

Who to eliminate the same evening at the council? This obligatory passage revived negotiations and strategies. Bastien, the rope access technician from the Rhône, offered Maxime to betray his team and vote against Louna in order to have a majority. During the negotiations and about Maxime, Ambre, the sports training manager of the Hérault dropped the expression: “It’s the pompom on the Garonne!” Many Internet users were intrigued.

“maxime is making us look like stuffing and turkey… It’s really the pompom on the Garonne…/…” (Ambre) ??? #KohLantaLeTotemCursed

— David STAROSTA (@hft45) May 3, 2022

#KohLantaLeTotemCursed the ponpon on the Garonne \ud83d\ude02\ud83d\ude02\ud83d\ude02

— soursdey \ud83d\udc89\ud83c\uddf0\ud83c\udded\ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddf7 (@yinkim59) May 3, 2022

“It’s the pompom on the Garonne”, an expression necessarily associated with Toulouse, could be translated as “it was missing more than that” or “it’s the bouquet!”

At the end of the votes, where the ex-yellows were in a strong minority, Fouzi obtained one vote, Louana six votes and Yannick eight votes against him. “I think people have a bit of a double hat,” reacted the basketball player. The counting gave rise to a frank explanation between Louana and Bastien. The final jury is already composed of Colin and Yannick.