Koh-Lanta the legend: Coumba eliminated by the ambassadors, Namadia leaves after the council

the essential
The eighth episode of “Koh-Lanta the legend” was rich in twists and turns. The meeting of ambassadors chose Coumba to leave the adventure while Namadia was eliminated at the end of the council.

Surprises, drama, tears … The episode of “Koh-Lanta the legend” broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1 was lively to say the least! It opened with the meeting of ambassadors. Laurent and Phil, who thought they were alone, had to negotiate with Ugo and Clémence back from the island of the banished. With a clear rule: to agree to three on a name, otherwise a drawing of lots would be organized between Laurent and Phil to eliminate one of the two. Two names came back: Christelle or Coumba.

The adventurers, for their part, gathered together on the Isle of the Reds for reunification. When they saw not two but four adventurers reach the island – after the meeting of the ambassadors – what was their surprise!

The sentence fell: the name of Coumba was chosen. Laurent, Ugo and Clémence chose Coumba while Phil did not wish to take part in the vote. The young woman reacted well at first: “That’s life. It’s okay, I had a great fortune, it’s the game, it’s life”. Faced with the explanations, she raised the tone: “I was a leader but I did not force anyone to follow the alliance. There was no pressure. Before addressing Clémence:” I said that I was able to take Claude out and betray my friend to motivate you. ”In the end, Coumba left the game, not for long, before finding herself on … the island of the banished – she had the choice between two paths – and not at the residence of the final jury.

First individual test

While Phil proposed a new alliance to Ugo with Claude, Teheiura or Jade, the candidates were called in for the first individual immunity test. The principle: the candidates were lying horizontally in the water, their torso under a grid whose level regularly dropped. Objective: hold out for the longest time in apnea. Namadia was the first to drop out, earning him a vote against him at the council that night.

The victory went to the Ariégeoise Clémence Castel, impressive in this event. So focused, she didn’t even hear she won! Loïc must have gone to warn her. “It was not necessarily a test for me (…) I do a lot of meditation. It allowed me to slow down my breathing”, explained Clémence.

His victory was a protection for the council that evening. She already benefited, like Ugo, from a protective amulet for their return from the island of the banished. But what to do: keep the amulet? Give it to a girl to protect her? At the risk of once again becoming a target for boys? Clémence thought for a long time.

Namadia’s surprise elimination

During this time, the adventurers had to think about which of them to eliminate. Tense hours before the council – in particular between Alix and Jade la Toulousaine – the first accusing the second of making “propaganda” against her.

In the evening, at the council, Clémence finally chose to give her amulet, synonymous with protection, to Alix. A gesture that saved the young woman. Alix indeed obtained 7 votes against her, Namadia 4 votes, Christelle 2 votes and Alexandra 1 vote. With Alix being protected, Namadia has been designated to leave the game.

A situation that made Jade burst into tears. The Toulousaine even announced that she wanted to leave the game before being vehement towards Alexandra. Jade finally stayed in the adventure. Namadia, meanwhile, joined Coumba on the Island of the Outcast.