“Koh-Lanta, the legend”: did Claude take the big head?

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In the new episode of “Koh-Lanta, the legend” broadcast Tuesday evening, the attitude of Claude, the record holder for the number of victories in “Koh-Lanta”, annoyed some Internet users. Ariégeoise Clémence Castel was eliminated from the adventure.

Claude Dartois is an undisputed champion of “Koh-Lanta”. With four participations since the creation of the game twenty years ago, and nineteen successes in individual events including two orientations and a victory on the posts, he holds the record for the number of victories. Popular with viewers, the master driver has never won “Koh-Lanta”.

Claude’s attitude surprised many viewers in the episode aired Tuesday night. For the comfort test, the adventurers were treated to a classic “Koh-Lanta” test: build a raft made of bamboo to make a regatta. Among the yellows, Claude took matters into his own hands, with his two victories in this event. He even proposed a construction technique never seen until now: separate the two ends of the raft by bamboo arranged in an X.

Something to make Sam skeptical despite his lack of initiative. The young adventurer has publicly expressed his doubts. “I don’t know how to tie the knot you want to tie,” he told Claude. The champion of “Koh-Lanta” was then annoyed or even a bit insolent. An attitude noted by several Internet users.

I liked Claude in the old seasons but now I find him detestable #KohLanta

– ????? ????? (@RaajaSoaraj) October 5, 2021

I love Claude … But on this Koh-Lanta, he caught a huge melon anyway …
“Me I”, “I have already won this”, “I am the strongest”
He would be the perfect champion with a grain of modesty #KohLanta

– Quentin ud83c udde7 ud83c uddea (@QuentinDybak) October 5, 2021

He’s right Sam to let Claude get wet, he took the melon too much, if it messes up it will do him good #KohLanta

— Reinette ud83cudff9?ud83cudf32ud83cudfaf (@Reinette07) October 5, 2021

But you wonder why no one wants to upset him? Do you see his attitude and how he speaks? The guy feels more #KohLanta https://t.co/bnMRfveA23

— alex u2693ufe0f enhypen cb 12/10 (@enhalysandre) October 5, 2021

For the frigate, the adventurers had to follow a course by destroying symbols installed on platforms at sea. If the yellow raft was fluid and fast on the water, the red raft of Teheiura’s team was sinking. from behind which slowed down its course. The yellows won the event. Reward: a large, meaty fish. The tensions of the day before have been forgotten. In the Reds, on the contrary, the defeat and the lack of food are a severe blow to morale. A tribe exhausted and increasingly hungry.

For the immunity test, each team was divided into two. Three candidates held at arm’s length a rope hanging from a 20, 30 or 40 kg net that three candidates from the opposing team had to fill with new weights on a physical and muddy course. In a final 100% female fight between Alexandra the red and Christelle the yellow, the victory went to the reds. Alexandra was holding 49 kg at arm’s length! Namadia, very tired, had to see the show’s doctor. This victory reboosted the whole team which regained its good humor.

On the yellow side, most of the adventurers set out to find an immunity collar on the island. With a name that emerged for elimination: Sam, who dropped his 40kg net. Or Clémence who has already won “Koh-Lanta” twice. At the end of the vote, Clémence Castel, the candidate of Ariège, was eliminated by five votes to one in Sam. “I am inevitably disappointed. I keep smiling because I know how lucky I was to participate to the edition of the 20 years with great champions and great champions and don’t forget that the whole of life is an adventure “, reacted Clémence to the host Denis Brogniart.

Next week, place for the reunification of the two teams. Adventurers will find that the eliminated candidates have all been directed to the Isle of the Outcast. Ugo the Catalan – who won a fourth victory in the arena – Clémentine and therefore Clémence are staying there. Two of these three candidates will be able to return to the adventure next week.