Koh-Lanta, the legend: Internet users furious at Coumba’s betrayal

the essential
The alliance sealed between the girls to go as far as possible together in “Koh-Lanta has, again, been undermined in the new episode broadcast this Tuesday evening on TF1.

Like every episode of this anniversary season of “Koh-Lanta”, the candidate eliminated last week has joined the island of the banished. Clémentine found Ugo and Maxime to face them in the arena. Objective this time: to build a two-storey building composed of nine and thirteen rooms by finding the right combinations. Ugo won and saved his place in front of Clémentine. Maxime was definitively eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”.

A new game of comfort

The adventurers still in competition took part in an unprecedented comfort game. Roped together, they had to cross an obstacle course, build a bridge to cross a river, cut their ropes and then – this time playing individually – move three pucks with chopsticks on an openwork board. Teheiura won a sixteenth victory in the history of “Koh-Lanta” ahead of Claude and Phil. The reward sent them to a Garden of Eden filled with fruits and vegetables.

By filling up on vitamins, Teheiura revealed to Claude the existence of the strategy girl power launched by Coumba since the beginning of the adventure. He also reported the words of Coumba who said he was ready to eliminate “the strong heads” in boys like Claude. This girl power had voted in brilliance among the reds a week ago with the elimination of Clémentin.

Back on the island, Claude wanted to get to the bottom of it. Bluffing, he demanded an explanation as to whether his head was threatened. Caught off guard, Coumba told him that all the girls agreed with this strategy. Except that it was Coumba herself who had launched this idea to lead the group of girls as far as possible. Coumba’s attitude has quite annoyed Candice.

Immediate advice

For the immunity test, the candidates had to show agility. First cross a three-meter-high palisade at sea to get ammunition. Then destroy eight targets with ammunition from a launch pad. Loïc from the red team was the strongest, knocking down three targets.

As soon as the game was over, still on the beach, the reds had to immunize a yellow candidate. They chose Phil. In the process, Denis Brogniart announced to the yellows that the council and the vote began immediately, to the surprise of the adventurers.

Feeling in danger, Clémence l’Ariegeoise took out her immunity collar. And she did well since five members of her team had voted against her! But in the end there was a tie between Sam and Candice with one vote each. The adventurers therefore had to vote a second time. Sam collected two votes, Candice five votes. Candice had to leave the adventure in tears. “It’s way too early, I was really in good shape”.

Coumba does not respect the given word

Among the votes against the young woman of 24, there were the votes of the boys, Christelle and … Coumba who had sworn to take the girls as far as possible. Many Internet users did not appreciate this failure to keep their word and were severe towards Coumba.