Koh-Lanta, the legend: with his incredible adventure, will Ugo the Catalan be the big winner?

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Eliminated on the third day and returned to the adventure, Ugo the Catalan achieved a superb course in “Koh-Lanta, the legend”. Winner of the immunity test, he has become a feared opponent. Can he win “Koh-Lanta”?

Who would have thought that Ugo will soon arrive at the gates of the final of “Koh-Lanta, the legend”? The Catalan put in an impressive performance in the episode which aired Tuesday night on TF1. He won “a myth” of “Koh-Lanta”, according to host Denis Brogniart.

The immunity test was a balance test over water and sand. Candidates had to progress on a plank, a movable beam, a taut rope and a suspended beam with progressive eliminations. Laurent and Ugo made it to the final and had a hard sprint to catch the immunity totem. Ugo won by 1 / 10th in advance. “It was my best fight,” Ugo reacted to Laurent.

What a feat when you remember Ugo’s journey. He had been eliminated on the third day of the game and ended up on the Island of the Outcast. On five occasions, he won the events in the arena which allowed him to return to the adventure for the reunification of the teams. Thanks to an immunity amulet and two victories in immunity tests, he is still in the adventure.

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He couldn’t hide his emotion. “It touches me, he confided to Denis Brogniart. I have lost a little confidence lately in my personal life and suddenly here it is … it falls to me. I did not expect that works like that (…) I am still here today and it is a strong feeling “.

A journey that has aroused the admiration of several Internet users on social networks.

Ugo Lartiche, who grew up in New Caledonia, has lived in the Pyrénées-Orientales for several years. Passionate about birds, he made it his job. Now 40 years old, he is the animal chief of the EcoZonia park in Cases-de-Pène. This animal park dedicated to the conservation of predators is unique in Europe.

A 21st victory for Claude

During the game of comfort, Tuesday evening, the adventurers had to make dexterity and patience. Hanging on a rope, they had to fetch a bag from the sea, come back to the beach, dig a large pile of sand to pass under a pontoon before reaching an articulated table. It had to be handled with care to place three balls in different holes.

Claude quickly took the victory. A 21st victory for his record in “Koh-Lanta”. Impressive ! He chose Laurent to share the reward with him: skin care, massage, feast at the table. By evoking which person to eliminate, the two adventurers leaned for Ugo because of the danger he represented … Ugo’s daily life with nature, in his work as a falconer, could well benefit him in the orientation test. , Laurent fears.

Young Loïc came in last, synonymous with immediate elimination. At the news of his elimination, the Savoyard burst into tears and was comforted by the other adventurers. Loïc joined Christelle on the island of the banished.

Girl eliminated after counseling

The boys being the majority, Laurent revealed to Sam and Phil that he and Claude had found an immunity collar. Laurent even showed it around his neck while doing a victory dance. For safety, Claude and Laurent played their collar during the council.

At the end of the board meeting, Alix received 5 votes, Toulouse Jade 2 votes and Sam one vote. Alix therefore left the adventure. Criticized by some Internet users for her attitude and behavior during “Koh-Lanra, the legend”, the sports coach left with a smile: “I am hyperfrustrated to leave but I have no regrets and I wish you all good luck”. Two of the four candidates from Occitanie are still in the race: Jade and Ugo.

In the next episode of “Koh-Lanta”, two new adventurers will be eliminated. There will remain four, ready for anything, at the gates of the final to win “Koh-Lanta”.