KRK scared of Salman Khan’s defamation case, ‘Now I will never review his film, withdraw the case’

KRK scared of Salman Khan’s defamation case, ‘Now I will never review his film, withdraw the case’

Film actor Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK), who was in the news due to his strange statements, was outraged by Salman Khan. KRK often makes fun of the stars by reviewing Bollywood movies and songs, but reviewing Salman Khan’s recently released film ‘Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai’ was overshadowed by KRK, as Bhaijaan took the Mumbai High Court against him. I filed a defamation case.

After Salman’s case, KRK was also seen in a fighting mood, but then perhaps he also understood that he might be harmed in confronting Salman, so he has requested Salim Khan to convince Salman and the case. Do not proceed to. KRK said that he will never review Salman’s films anymore and will delete all his videos.

After the defamation case, KRK had earlier tweeted, ‘Dear Samalan Khan, this defamation case is proof of your frustration and disappointment. I review for my followers and am doing my work. Instead of stopping me from reviewing, you should make a good film. I will keep fighting for the truth. Thank you for this case.
KRK scared of Bhaijaan.

After this, in his recent tweet, KRK wrote, ‘I have said this many times in the past that producers or actors who refuse to review my film, I never review their film. A defamation case has been filed against me for reviewing Salman ‘Radhey’, which means he has been very hurt by my review. So now I will not review his film ‘.

In his next tweet, KRK requested Salman Khan’s father Salim to convince Bhaijaan not to prosecute the case further. KRK wrote in a tweet, ‘Salim Khan Sir I am not harming Salman’s film and his career. I review just for fun. If I knew that Salman was affected by my review, I would not do the review. If he asked me not to review my film, I would not do the review. Please tell them not to pursue the case. I will delete all my review videos.