‘La Casa de Papel’: The details of the life of The Professor that connect with the mysteries of season 5 (Part 2)

Netflix’s fiction comes to an end and, although they have cleared many doubts about the past of Álvaro Morte’s character, there are still questions to be answered. Premiere of the finale this Friday, December 3.

Part 2 of season 5 of The Money Heist premieres on Netflix this Friday December 3. It marks the definitive end of a long robbery that has been going on for three seasons. Nobody said it was an easy task, but the assault on the Bank of Spain has turned into a real war and the gang does not have them all with them. Leading this team is The Professor (Álvaro Morte), who controls everything that happens inside the building from a distance and is sure to have an ace up his sleeve to save the protagonists. Or so we all hope.

Throughout these five installments we have known some details of his life. Why he has such a brilliant mind for thefts, his family connections, his infallible methods … Still there are some unknowns to solve, especially those that have to do with personal relationships. We know that the last episodes will have an important emotional charge – word of the creator, Álex Pina -, so perhaps we will see The most sentimental Professor.

Here we collect everything we know about the protagonist of The Money Heist and those mysteries that could be solved in the end.

His family past: robber father and genius brother

The Professor, also known as Sergio Marquina, is an expert in developing strategies and plans to hit the best shots. It runs in his family, since his father was a robber who tried to instill his profession in him since he was very young. Before going to sleep, he would tell her about his misdeeds and his dream of carrying out the biggest robbery in the world..

His father, Jesús Marquina, He started robbing banks after his son was diagnosed with a serious illness. In order to pay for his treatment in an American hospital, he looked for a way to earn quick money and thus became part of this criminal world. Therefore, The Professor has sucked from a very young age the best tricks and techniques to succeed and with the millions in his pocket. As he has grown, he has honed his skills to become the criminal genius featured in Netflix fiction.

The Professor is the brother of Berlin (Pedro Alonso), another brilliant mind for crime. They do not share a father, but they must have something in their DNA for both of them to be experts in the subtraction of what is foreign. Berlin is the son of the same mother as The Professor. We do not know if they spent their childhood together, but at some point they found a common ground to work side by side and carry out the biggest robbery in the world.

As we see in the season 5 of The Money HeistAndrés de Fonollosa Gonzalves – the real name of Berlin – is an expert white-collar thief who has successfully carried out 27 robberies in jewelry stores, auction houses and armored vehicles. Until he joins the team of The Professor and robs the Royal Mint and Stamp, his biggest hit is the 434 diamonds he took in a robbery in Paris.

He suffers from Helmer’s myopathy, a rare disease he inherited from his mother, so he has nothing to lose. He lives the life he has wanted, moving from one relationship to another – he has been married five times – and living off his sophisticated robberies.

His relationship with The Professor contains the answer to several mysteries of the series and could also be in the end of the fiction.

‘La Casa de Papel’ (Netflix): What role does Rafael, the son of Berlin, have in season 5?

Incognita 1: Where does he get the money to support his entire gang?

One of the keys to making The Professor’s plan work is that they have all been preparing together and without distractions for months. They live together in a mansion, where they can study the coup 24 hours a day and, if not, rest and establish ties and trust between them. You may be wondering how he manages to cover the costs of all of them and the answer is Berlin.

His brother took a big hit before joining the band and owns 434 diamonds. This stash is likely more than enough to keep them all for months. As Berlin’s passion is robberies, he must have wanted to help The Professor to mount the biggest robbery in the world by giving away his valuable treasure. This leads us to think that Berlin may also be the answer for the end of fiction.

Incognita 2: What will be his ace up his sleeve this time?

Do not be fooled. The band has it very raw to get out safely – and with the gold – this time. They need a miracle to be able to escape from the Bank of Spain and, unless they all die in combat, surely The Professor surprises with a twist in the script.

As we say, the solution may be in Berlin. More specifically, in his son. In the first part of the fifth installment we meet Rafael (Patrick Criado), the descendant of the thief. Although at first he does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps, he soon finds a taste for the profession. He also has a brilliant mind for it and, in addition, he has a great knowledge in technology, since he is a graduate of MIT in Massachusetts in this field.

Since he has been introduced to the plot, we doubt that he is off the hook from the main story: robbing the Bank of Spain. Somehow he’s going to have to connect with his uncle, The Professor, and the best way would be for him to get the whole team out of there at the last minute. Nor do we rule out that a Berlin coup also has something to do with the final stretch.

The team of ‘La Casa de Papel’ anticipates a “very heavy” ending and a possible return from Tokyo

Incognita 3: His weak points, what does he do inside the bank?

Until now, The Professor has been depicted as an impassive being capable of enduring all kinds of tense situations. Perhaps you have faltered a bit by losing your team members, but you have not given up or thought about aborting the coup or running away. It is there through thick and thin. It is probably a trait inherited from his father and in the new chapters we will see him in his maximum splendor.

In the trailer of the new installment we see how it enters the bank, what has led you to make that move? He has always been leading his gang from his control room and has now decided to perform directly from the battlefield. We do not know if it is due to a strategic decision, a bribe or if he is moved by his feelings, something that will predominate in the end of the series.

In the fifth season of The Money Heist we are faced with the most emotional surrender. In the words of the creator, they have planned the last episodes to play “the fundamental notes of the characters” and that with the outcome “we are opened to all the meats”. Translation: we must be prepared for the worst. There may be a new death or sacrifice … or that we see the weakest point of Álvaro Morte’s character. Who knows if his love for Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) will not turn everything that has been done so far upside down? They almost played it to rescue her and it could happen again in the end.

The actors do not advance details about what is going to happen, but they have warned that “This ending is not going to be heavy, it is going to be VERY HEAVY”. We can hope that the final volume will leave us with our mouths open after four years accompanying the group of robbers.

Without Nairobi (Alba Flores) or Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) in the group and with Helsinki (Darko Perić) and Stockholm (Esther Acebo) knocked out, those who are still standing are barely doing so. Denver (Jaime Lorente), Manila (Belén Cuesta) and Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) hold out as best they can, while The Professor (Alvaro Death) is trapped with his enemy, Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). The latter has just given birth, but she is a warrior that we should not underestimate. Part 2 of season 5 of The Money Heist premieres on Netflix on December 3.

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