‘La Casa de Papel’: Tokyo gives strength to the band after the end of the first part in this preview of the final stretch

The second half of season 5 of the Netflix series premieres on December 3 on the streaming platform.

The solemn voice of Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) is the common thread of a small advance of the final final stretch of The Money Heist that Netflix just launched. The ‘teaser’, lasting a minute and a half and under the title “The resistance always comes back together” It does not contain unpublished images of the second volume of season 5 that we will see in December, but it is pure nostalgia to hear one last message to the companions who are still standing, giving them strength for their last great blow. You can see it on these lines and one thing we promise you: If Tokyo had stolen your heart, your stomach will shrink a little. The second part of the fifth delivereda of the hit Netflix series premieres on the platform on December 3, It will once again consist of five episodes and it will be, this time, the final goodbye to the band of robbers of the red monkey.

Nothing is really broken. Dear Professor, Denver, Helsinki, Bogotá, Palermo, Rio, my Rio … I know you will be screwed, destroyed. I am too. In a thousand pieces. Because if they say that if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, how strong does what kills you make you? Remember Oslo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi. Fuck. Gold united us once and never, whatever happens, will separate us again

“Every time we break down, we will pull ourselves together and get stronger,” he continues. “Why don’t you forget: Together, we were, are and will be The Resistance “. The voice of Tokio is accompanied by nostalgic images of the past, some of his death, but also how an unknown Japanese man recomposes the famous Dalí mask that characterizes them so much.

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And a resounding final message dismisses this first advance:

Until death unites us

Creeps and, perhaps, what we had been needing to face this final final stretch of The Money Heist in which a lot of things still have to happen. After the death of Tokio, who sacrificed himself to take away some of his enemies, it seems likely that more casualties will occur on both sides of this war that has ended up taking place. In addition, the Professor will have to decide whether to give up the gold or will have to enter the game a new element that serves as an escape route so that the gang can come out on top one last time.

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In the months that separate us from next December 3, we will know more details, but it has already been anticipated that the second half will be less marked by action and warmongering and more by the stories of those characters to whom we have taken so much love.

The second part of the fifth installment of the successful Netflix series premieres on the platform on December 3, but the first is now available in full on the platform.