‘La Casa de Papel’: Úrsula Corberó has a message for those who blame Tokio: “Why? For deciding to be a free woman?”

Sara heredia

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Season 5 of the Netflix series represents an important change for the character of the actress.

Tokyo is a free, independent and strong woman that no one can hold back. This is how they presented it to us at the beginning of The Money Heist and how it has remained during the five seasons -or four and a half- that have premiered on Netflix. It seems that this personality has not finished fitting in with some viewers and there are many who blame her for what happened to Rio (Miguel Herran) at the beginning of the third installment.

We recap. After emerging victorious from the Mint and Stamp Factory, Rio and Tokio live their freedom on Pelican Island, a paradisiacal place in Panama that, no matter how many palm trees and white sand beaches it has, can be a real ordeal for someone like Tokyo. It is far from any trace of civilization and, for that reason, Tokyo decides to escape for air. After a while, Rio decides to call her because he misses her. This causes them to find their hiding place and the robber is caught and, later, tortured.

The creators of ‘La Casa de Papel’ did not know how to end the series: The script changed until the last minute

Much of the spectators believe that because of Tokyo, Rio ends up in the terrible conditions in which it ends. But Úrsula Corberó she’s fed up and, in an interview with SensaCine, has made his own plea in defense of the character. “When the desert island happened, that Tokyo was going to Panama, many people stopped me on the street and said ‘It’s because of you, look at what they have done to Rio, they have caught Rio,” says the actress .

But because of me, why? For deciding as a free woman to go away for a weekend? It was Rio who didn’t even let me leave for a weekend, who was already calling me and doing things wrong. People didn’t see that. People saw that she should not have left the island and should have stayed there. But if she has to be free, she has been stuck there on an island for two years. How much longer does the poor thing have to be there for her to die of disgust?

They are two ways of seeing the same story, but if there is something that there is no doubt about it, it is that Tokyo was not going to be able to endure much longer locked up on an island where the only thing they could do to pass the time was sunbathe, drink from a coconut and enjoy each other’s company.

Season 5 of The Money Heist It represents a drastic change in the character and more than one has acknowledged that he has reconciled with her after watching the last episode of this first batch. We will see what consequences it entails for the end of the series, which can be seen on Netflix from December 3.

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