Lack of diversity, absence of certain artists… The Victoires de la Musique under fire from critics

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On February 11, the 37th Victoires de la Musique ceremony will be held. However, the selection of artists is already controversial.

The Victoires de la Musique ceremony, presented by Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne, will be broadcast on February 11 on France 2. However, the selection of artists, revealed a few days ago, is already causing controversy.

Journalist Rokhaya Diallo took to Twitter to denounce the lack of diversity of the nominated artists. “All the artists selected by the jury are white,” she lamented. “Aya Nakamura is the only non-white woman who appears there. The latter was not chosen by the jury but by the public for the prize “of the most streamed album”.

The Yard media also expressed regret that “urban” artists are relayed at the price of “most streamed albums”. This year, the two winners of this category are Aya Nakamura and SCH. “These two awards are the only ones that have not been chosen or voted on (…) We recognize their impact, but we are not yet ready to elevate them as producers of quality French-speaking music”, affirms the media, denouncing “a purely mathematical category which has no weight of esteem”.

When it comes to “urban”, on the side of the Victoires de la Musique, we forget the vote, the taste or the appreciation: we take out the calculator directly.

— YARD (@yard) January 12, 2022

For his part, Cyril Hanouna, revolted on Tuesday January 11 in his program “Touche pas à mon poste” for the absence of Gims, Jul or even Ninho in the selection. He also deplored the non-nomination of Grand Corps Malade. The latter is however triple platinum disc with “Mesdame”. “We will tell the truth”, launched the presenter. “The biggest record seller, Grand Corps Malade, is absent from the Victoires de la Musique. If there is no shenanigans behind that”. “He is one of the independents and the record companies lay down the law in the Victoires de la Musique”, explained Cyril Hanouna, who invited viewers to boycott “this shit”.