Laeticia Hallyday: “In 23 years, I could never call him Johnny”

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Johnny Hallyday died five years ago, on December 5, 2017. M6 is preparing to broadcast an unpublished documentary and an exhibition will pay tribute to the singer in Brussels. Laeticia Hallyday, back in France, confides.

Five years without Johnny. Five years ago, on December 5, 2017, Johnny Hallyday died of cancer. On the occasion of this anniversary date, Laeticia Hallyday returned to France to promote the documentary “Johnny by Laeticia”. This unpublished documentary, composed of the personal archives of the singer’s widow, will be broadcast on December 8 on M6.

Laeticia Hallyday confided in Yann Barthès in “Daily” on TMC Monday evening. Johnny, she didn’t call him Johnny. “I could never call him Johnny. I can call him Johnny today. He hated it deeply, it was horrible for him that I called him that. In twenty-three years I didn’t I could never call him Johnny, because Johnny didn’t belong to me, he always shared his life with the fans, with the French, with his audience”. What did she then call the rock star in private? “My man” or “my lover”.

“For 23 years, we had fun filming each other” ❤️?
Discover exclusive images of their intimate life in an exceptional documentary, #JohnnyByLaeticia Thursday, December 8 at 9:10 PM

— M6 (@M6) November 25, 2022

Living with grief

Five years after the singer’s death, the pain has not gone away. “I’m learning to live with mourning, I have no choice but to live with this grief. You don’t start your life over, you continue it”. She confides: “Continuing to bring his work to life, through the promise that I made to him and that we made to each other, is a large part of my daily drive”.

Laeticia Hallyday is currently overseeing a major exhibition dedicated to the singer in Brussels (Johnny was born in Paris to a Belgian father), from December 20 until June 2023, before Paris in 2024. On the menu: immersive paintings combining spectacular and intimate, including the reconstruction of the idol’s office in his villa in Marnes-la-Coquette (Paris region) where he died on December 5, 2017.

“Supporting its millions of fans”

Johnny’s widow considers that her “duty is to ensure that her work continues to accompany her millions of fans and new generations”. “Projects that allow me to pass on what I know about him and what I learned from him”. She continues: “I know what he wanted, what he didn’t want. I don’t let go of anything, down to the smallest detail. Projects appear on all sides. Sometimes it’s a bit borderline. people who didn’t know Johnny allow themselves to reinvent his life and his story. It’s a shame”.

No contact with David Hallyday

Incidentally, Laeticia Hallyday regrets not having contact with David Hallyday, the singer’s eldest son. “I do not despair of having a sign from him and his sister (Laura Smet), and especially that they reconnect with my daughters, Jade and Joy, their sisters”.