Last days to get two free months of AppleTV +: this is all you have to do

The company has a spectacular promotion active: the best opportunity to see some of the great series in its catalogue.

Unless you are among the lucky ones who are subscribed to each and every one of the SVOD platforms available in the ‘streaming’ market, we bet that on more than one occasion it has happened to you that they remain in the important series that, if they had been on any of your trusted streaming services, you would have seen without thinking for a second.

We bring good news: if any of them is in AppleTV+who has been triumphing for some time with Ted Lasso and has given us jewels such as Separation, Pachinko either locked up with the devilIt’s the best time to sink your teeth into it. To that series that fell by the wayside or to any of the great and acclaimed titles that you can find on the streaming platform of the gigantic company, which currently has a promotion active with which you can enjoy Apple TV + totally free for two months. For a limited time, yes.

Neither on Netflix nor on Amazon: it is one of the greatest science fiction series and now it returns, but in its day it went unfairly unnoticed

In fact, time is running out: the time to take advantage of the promotion ends on Friday, January 13, 2023so tomorrow will be the last day.

There is no doubt that trial periods and temporary subscriptions are a good solution to go “combing catalogues”, enjoy the best of each house and, if you like the experience, stay forever. In the case of Apple TV+, however, lThe free periods are intermittent and are not always available, but are offered as a temporary possibility as part of the promotion of one of their new releases. This is what the streaming platform has done with Will Smith’s latest film, towards freedomresponsible for this very interesting gift that has brightened the month of January.

Two free months of Apple TV+: What do I have to do?

Taking advantage of the two months of free trial is very simple, but you have to meet some requirements:

  • Make it the first time you subscribe. This is a promotion for new users, so if you have previously been an Apple TV+ subscriber, the promotion will not be activated with your account.
  • Create or have an Apple ID created. If you are a user of an iOS device, you already know what we are talking about. If not, you can easily create it on the official website.
  • Take advantage of the promotion through its page before Friday, January 13, the last day of the promo.