‘Last Night in Soho’, ‘Spencer’, ‘Antlers: Dark Creature’, and ‘The Power of the Dog’ Highlight Among Weekend Movie Releases

‘Next door’, ‘The ghost of the sauna’, ‘Confined’, ‘Years of drought’ and ‘Cut!’ are other titles that will be added to the billboard as of Friday, November 19.

The arrival of the weekend brings with it interesting news on the Spanish billboard. Get ready because this weekend it will not be easy to decide what you are going to see on the big screen. And the thing is that titles as appealing as Edgar Wright’s new one, Last Night in Soho, hit theaters; Kristen Stewart’s new starring job, Spencer, and the horror thriller Antlers: Dark Creature.

But these are not the only feature films that you will be able to see in cinemas. as of this Friday, November 19. The ‘thriller’ Years of drought; the western The Power of the Dog, and the comedy directed by Daniel Brühl, Next Door will also be available.

Then see movies hitting theaters this weekend:

‘Last night in Soho’

Edgar Wright is the director of Last night in Soho, the psychological ‘thriller’ starring Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy. The film tells the story of a young woman who dreams of succeeding in the world of fashion. One day he discovers that he has the gift of traveling to the past. Specifically to the London of the 60s. There, in addition to meeting an aspiring singer, he witnesses a series of terrible events that will disturb his quiet life.

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Kristen Stewart he gets into the skin of the princess Lady Di in Spencer, the drama directed by Pablo Larraín. The film, inspired by real events, shows what happened at Sandringham Castle, in Norfolk County, during a Christmas holiday weekend that Princess Diana spent with the British Royal Family.

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‘Antlers: Dark Creature’

Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons, and Jeremy T. Thomas are the stars of Antlers: Dark creature, the horror film directed by Scott Cooper. The plot follows a teacher from a small town in Oregon (United States), who begins to show interest in learning about the concerns of one of her most introverted students. The problem arises when what torments the young man becomes a threat not only to his teacher, but to humanity as a whole. To try to avoid a catastrophe, the teacher contacts her brother, a police officer who could be her only hope.

‘Years of drought’

Years of drought is another of the titles that arrives this weekend to the billboard. Directed by Robert Connolly, and with Eric Bana as the protagonist, the film introduces us to Aaron Falk, a federal agent who returns to his town 20 years later, to attend the funeral of Luke, one of his best childhood friends. After learning that the deceased is accused of having killed his wife and son before committing suicide, Aaron decides to reopen an old murder case, which he believes could be related to the crime that Luke is accused of.

‘The power of the dog’

Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst y Jesse Plemons head the cast of The power of the dog, the western directed by Jane Campion. The film tells the story of Phil and George, two brothers with very different concerns about life, who live on the largest ranch in Montana. Their relationship worsens when George marries a young widow with a son. From that moment on, Phil will do everything in his power to end that relationship and drive the two strangers from the family ranch.

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The comedies The next door and Confinados; the historical drama Plantados; the musical comedy The Phantom of the Sauna; the dramas Portrait of a White Woman with Gray Hair and Wrinkles and Libertad and the horror comedy Cut! are other titles that land this weekend on the Spanish billboard.

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Other premieres are the animated film Kikoriki: Déjà Vu, and the documentaries Nueve Sevillas, Something Wild, the story of Bambino and Bolante beat history.

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