Launaguet. 2023, a good vintage for the local big band

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The Ray Big Band is a large jazz formation, made up of twenty amateur and professional musicians, united in a “1901 law” type association. Its headquarters are in Launaguet. Interview with Emmanuel Hinglais, member of the Ray Big Band.

Tell us about your group…

The Ray Big Band is a Lausanne association that plays music. The group, led by Timoté Bergez, mainly plays classic swing, regularly attracting Lindy hop dancers from the Toulouse region to its concerts. But this specificity does not prevent him from sometimes flirting with some South American rhythms and more modern and original pieces. This mixing gives him the opportunity to vary his repertoire over the seasons.

You perform very regularly…

Last season, the Ray Big Band had organized a “Big Band Battle” or literally “battle of Big Bands” which in fact means a friendly meeting, but not without competition, during which several orchestras play alternately or together while exchanging soloists according to the inspirations of the moment. These amusing battles always having a great success, a new edition was organized in Launaguet in February with the Jazz orchestra of Grisolles.

You also organize several events…

Yes, traditionally, for Sainte-Cécile, around mid-November, the RBB organizes in Launaguet, its city of residence, a big “Jazzalauna” evening giving it the opportunity to innovate over the years for the pleasure of the public. . Thus, famous musicians or small groups of very varied styles accompany us. Last November, Stéphane Cantuer, renowned guitarist, but also composer, created with us a suite, in 4 tables for guitar and Big Band, which was particularly appreciated. The RBB also regularly leads Lindy hop workshops in dance clubs in the Toulouse region. For the third time, the RBB also animated the Saturday afternoon of the “Seniors and + week” on the Place du Capitole.

What are the events and dates to remember this year?

The year 2023 promises to be a good year for public concerts. We are planning a meeting in Baziège on March 25 with the orchestra of the music school which will then celebrate its 140th anniversary. We will also organize an animation in a dance club in the spring. We have already received an invitation to play at Laguiole in Aveyron this summer. We are also planning a concert in Toulouse in the fall. And of course, “Jazzalauna” which will take place in Launaguet on November 25th.

It is possible to find additional information and the different dates on the group’s website: