Laura Escanes reveals what she charges for a post and how many followers she increased after her relationship with Risto Mejide

The finalist of the third edition of ‘El Desafío’ visited ‘Días de tele’ to talk about how her life changed after becoming an ‘influencer’.


Laura Escanes is one of the finalists of The challengewhich airs this Friday March 17 on Antena 3. Before the Grand finale of the successful program, the ‘influencer’ has gone through another chain to talk, among other things, about her work on social networks. Escanes opened up to Julia Otero in TV days and he counted from how much he charges for a sponsored publication to how he grew on the networks after confirming his relationship with Risto Mejide.

“In my case, for a post with a paid brand, put about 5,000 euros“, affirmed the Catalan. Escanes stressed that not all the publications she uploads are paid, since most of her content is not “sponsored”. And, the “influencer” acknowledged that she does not like to have her entire “feed” of collaborations, therefore, pull more to promote through Instagram stories.

“Most are without a sponsor. They are yours telling your life. It is you, let’s say, feeding a network so that the brands bite and come to hire you,” Julia Otero reaffirmed before the “exact” of the guest. “As they are more dynamic, and they are moments that last 24 hours and are not permanently on your profile, [el valor del post patrocinado en ‘stories’] is reduced. They are not 5,000 euros because [el patrocinio] It’s not going to last permanently there.”

His relationship with Risto Mejide boosted his fame

In addition, the finalist of the third edition of the program also spoke about how confirming her relationship with Mejide affected her. “The change was very sudden. I had 20,000 followers, which seems few compared to what I now have, but at that moment I was doing great. And from one day to the next, when everything came to light, I doubled them“, Escanes commented before the watchful eye of those present in the La 1 program.

Risto Mejide’s most sincere conversation after their separation and that changed “his life”: “I’m not fine”

“I had a lot of comments on all the photos and a lot of criticism. For me, without a doubt, that was the change to be able to get along. So that suddenly nothing would come up or change my life. I wanted to continue having my circle, my family, my friends and my normal life. But outside there were so many different stimuli that sometimes they are difficult to manage. In addition, I was very young, I was 19 years old, “Escanes confessed. And it is that, the relationship with Mejide was very controversial from the first moment he met and even until his separation he has occupied the majority of headlines in the tabloids.

“It has been a very natural change because I have grown with it. Yes, it was suddenly, but I consider that I adapt well to the changes and I try to surf a little the waves that are coming. Although I didn’t expect that much either,” Escanes said. The “influencer” will be one of the stars tomorrow during the grand finale of The Challenge 3.

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