Le Coq Lavelanetien negotiated the pivotal year well

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The fanfare battery of the Coq Lavelanétien has taken on new colors. A post-covid year looking to the future.

The fanfare battery of Le Coq Lavelanétien has drawn up its assessment of the past year. “A pivotal year”, highlighted Jean Escaich, its president, before asking the members present to have a thought for Gérard Lamoureux, the bass bugle, trombonist and cook, carried away by the Covid at the start of the year.

On the satisfaction side, the president mentioned the subsidy granted by the Ministry of Culture which made it possible to bring in every other Friday, Rémi Siret, professional musician from the Music of the Paratroopers of Toulouse.

Another satisfaction, the municipality of Lavelanet has renewed the contract allowing the musicians of Le Coq, wishing to take lessons at the municipal school of music, to benefit even if they do not reside in the municipality, from the rate reserved for Lavelanétiens.

“But the great satisfaction was the concert at Sainte-Cécile, given jointly with the Philharmonie de Lavelanet, a first for more than thirty years. The elected officials and the public who came in large numbers were able to appreciate the progress of our society. Certainly , there are not many of us, but the quality is there”, said Jean Escaich.

The renovation of the facade by the municipality, with its symbol, a new flamboyant rooster, offered by Michaël Tistounet marked the past year. Just like the strong increase in outings and performances.

Among the objectives for 2023, it should be noted the organization of the traditional internship at La Fréchède, with UFEM Occitanie, on March 4 and 5, with the program “Entrance” and “Shiny Latina”.

And under the leadership of Pierre Louges, trumpet teacher, a seminar will be organized in Camurac (11), for Ascension, from Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening. As for the new board of the association, it is made up of Jean Escaich as president, Georges Delmas as vice-president, Maurice Gaubert as treasurer, with Patrice Mengod as deputy, Jean-Louis Cabrero as that of secretary with Bernard Cuetto as assistant and José Cabrero as archivist.

Technical advisers: Michel Lassalle, Pierre Louges and Rémi Siret. Music conductor, Didier Amardeil. Head of parades: Bruno Senié. Heads of desks: Michel Villemont (bugle), Bruno Senié (bass clef), Thomas Magrino (drums), Dominique Clottes (drums), Jean-Philippe Magrino (percussions) and Bernard Cuetto (horns).