‘Legacies’ dares to break a ‘Vampire Chronicles’ rule in its season 4

Hope is the tri-hybrid, but her powers violate one of the norms established by the fiction starring Ian Somelhalder and Nina Dobrev.

The fourth season of Legacies has been key to Hope’s evolution (Danielle Rose Russell), its protagonist, for which fate had prepared him, but, at the same time, reaching the maximum degree of your supernatural potential has broken one of the norms from Vampire Diaries. How you remember, Legacies is the third series within the fiction-initiated franchise starring Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, which aired between 2009 and 2017 and coexisted with The originals, his first ‘spin-off’. Later, it would be this second, focused on the original vampires, which would lead to Legacies, which premiered in 2018.

Again set in Mystic Falls, Legacies has endless elements that delight those who already adored Vampire Chronicles, but, at the same time, few characters that once coexisted with Damon, Stefan and Elena have been seen there. However, the experiences of the protagonists of the original series are still very present in the place and were even the object of a deserved tribute in a school function developed by the students of the ‘Salvatore School for young and gifted’ in the third season.

On your way, just as you might expect, Legacies continues to make several nods to its predecessors and host important cameos, but at the same time it continues the journey of its characters independently. A clear example of this is precisely what the total conversion of Hope into a trihybrid entails, which managed to make all three species proud in a recent episode of the current fourth installment and thus reach their full potential.

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However, to achieve it, Legacies has been forced to break some rules of its predecessor despite the great work of Vampire Chronicles when it comes to establishing the rules of his supernatural universe.

If hybrids are so rare in the universe of Vampire Chronicles It is because nature abhors a creature having such power and will do anything to balance humans, werewolves, witches, and vampires. Thus, each supernatural species has its weaknesses and that helps to keep them under control: vampires die if bitten by a werewolf, but werewolves can only roam during full moon nights, which limits their possibilities. Likewise, witches possess a great deal of power, but they are human, so they don’t have the superhuman characteristics that vampires and werewolves do. Also, no matter how powerful a witch is: always, whatever her spell is, she will have a twist.

Nevertheless, the trihybrid of Legacies, Hope Mikaelson, breaks one of the main rules of any witch.

In the universe of Vampire Chronicles, a witch is only guaranteed human powers. If a witch turns into a vampire, she loses her powers. However, although Hope’s total transformation meant that she awakened her vampire side, we have also been able to see her using her magic. An ability that should have been lost by the supernatural standards of the universe. Hope goes against the odds, and that’s probably why she’s so powerful.

However, with the fourth season almost freshly released, the new episodes of Legacies They promise to reveal much more about Hope’s reality and what her existence means for all three species. We will continue to discover it in its broadcast on CW and HBO Max in our country.