‘Legacies’ is canceled and its creator regrets this decision: “It’s sad when the business changes right under your nose”

The spin-off fiction of ‘Vampire Chronicles’ has been canceled after four seasons.

The CW has recently decided to announce several cancellations of its most legendary series, including legacies. The spin-off fiction of The Vampire Diaries starring Danielle Rose Russell has been Canceled after four seasons.

After this sad announcement, the creator of the series, Julie Plec, wanted to show her reaction on her official Twitter account after being 13 years on CW thanks to The Vampire Diaries, The originals and the recently canceled legacies:

To my dear Legacies fans: After the Parkland shooting, I decided I wanted to tell a story about the young heroes who would save us from ourselves. Good young people who live on the margins and who, at the last moment, were the heroes of all history

Plec continues to thank the team and executive producer Brett Matthews for being at the top of their game these four seasons: “The captain, fearless leader and funny voice of the series. The best working partner and someone I am proud to call my friend. For the cast and crew. Some have been part of the family since the day of The Vampire Chronicles in 2009. Because of the marriages that happened along the way, the children that were born, the friendships that we all made, and hopefully many, many more stories to come.”

The message ends by emphasizing this sad decision, especially with other CW series also canceled, but with a tone of hope about perhaps continuing to watch some other new story from the Vampire Diaries universe:

What a streak we’ve all had. It’s sad when business changes right under your nose. May everyone find their way to their next adventure with the knowledge that they took pride

The CW cancellation round

charmed, Dynasty, in the dark, Magnum PI and Roswell, New Mexico It has been the companion series of Legacies that have also been canceled. These are also attached to bat-woman Y Legends of Tomorrowwhose cancellation was also announced a few weeks ago.

Despite everything, the CW apparently continues to trust series like Superman & Lois, Flash, Kung Fu, All-American, NancyDrew Y walker, since these have been saved from the guillotine of cancellations. For now.

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