Les Enfoirés 2023: 10 things to know about the Restos du Coeur concert

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The Enfoirés 2023 concert will be broadcast on TF1 this Friday evening. The sales of CDs and DVDs of the show are essential for the Restos du Coeur and to help the less fortunate. What does the concert have in store for you? Spoiler alert…

“Today we no longer have the right to be hungry or cold …” The anthem of the Restos du Coeur will once again resonate at the Enfoirés concert, broadcast on TF1 this Friday evening. Like every year, the CDs and DVDs of the concert will be on sale on Saturday and the volunteers of the association founded by Coluche will collect donations at the entrances to 7,000 supermarkets.

1 – Where did the concert take place?

The concert was organized in Lyon at the Halle Tony Garnier. Six sold-out concerts took place in front of 42,000 spectators at the end of January. The public had been absent for two editions due to the Covid-19. TF1 filmed several concerts to get the best out of it and broadcast it this Friday evening. Name of the show: “Once a motherfucker, always a motherfucker”.

2 – Who are the new artists?

Five new celebrities have been invited to join the troupe of Enfoirés this year: Mentissa the Belgian singer revealed in “The Voice”, the actress and singer Sofia Essaidi, the star dancer Germain Louvet, the Toulouse rugby player from the XV of France Antoine Dupont and French Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon.

3 – Who are the celebrities present?

48 artists sang at the Les Enfoirés concert this year. The faithful of the troop are present: Mimie Mathy, Michèle Laroque, Lorie, Jenifer, Claire Kheim, Kad Merad, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc or Isabelle Nanty.

4 – Have any stars refused to come?

The production had wanted to invite Clara Luciani and Juliette Armanet. Both singers refused. At the end of January, during the concerts in Lyon, they had both put their tours on hold and took advantage of several days of vacation. “They are a bit in saturation, they have hyper-loaded schedules, they needed a vacation. We hope they will come in the next few years”, explains producer Anne Marcassus to the site Puremedia.

5 – With which song will the concert begin?

The song chosen to start the concert is “The last day of disco” by Juliette Armanet.

6 – Which artist has the greatest longevity at Les Enfoirés?

This is Patrick Bruel who has not missed any edition since 1993. “They can’t get me fired”, laughs the singer in The Parisian. “As long as we are needed, we are here”.

7 – Who composed the Enfoirés anthem this year?

The song “Rêvons” was composed by Amir.

8 – Why did Mimie Mathy end up in tears this year?

Mimie Mathy lived a moving moment. In 2022, a back operation had prevented him from coming to sing at the Restos du Coeur. To thank her for her action, the troupe surrounded her on stage wearing a white t-shirt on which was written: “I love Mimie”. The interpreter of the series “Joséphine, guardian angel” burst into tears. “We have the family we have and the family we create. Les Enfoirés for me is a great family”.

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9 – How much money does the concert bring to the Restos du Coeur?

The Enfoirés concert brings in about 10% of the resources of the Restos du Coeur. Tickets were sold between €75 and €85. In 2021, ticket sales made it possible to finance 15 million meals out of the 142 million meals served to the most disadvantaged.

10 – Do Les Enfoirés still seduce the public?

In 2022, the Enfoirés concert attracted 7.97 million viewers, or 37.2% of the public, according to Médiamétrie. It was the worst ratings since 1995.

The demand for help explodes this winter

The number of people who call on Restos du Coeur is up 22%, thirteen weeks after the start of the association’s 38th winter campaign, according to a preliminary report established on Wednesday. Nearly a million people have been helped since mid-November 2022. The Restos du Coeur could distribute 165 million meals this year according to the association’s projections. It was 75 million in 2006.