Les Enfoirés: discover “Rêvons”, the 2023 anthem of the Restos du Coeur

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The new anthem of the Enfoirés troupe is called “Rêvons”. It was unveiled earlier this week. The troupe is performing in Lyon this year for the benefit of the beneficiaries of Restos du Coeur.

What if you were dreaming at the start of the year? This is what the Enfoirés offer you. The troupe’s new single was released on Monday, January 9. It is entitled “Let’s dream” and it is interpreted as every year by a host of artists.

This original song was composed by the singer Amir but also by Nazim Khaled and Nyadjiko. Nazim Khaled is the co-author of the hit “I looked for” thanks to which Amir sang at Eurovision in 2016. The duo wrote several hits together. Nazim Khaled also writes for Kendji Girac, Claudio Capéo and Chimène Badi.

Nyadjiko is an arranger and composer and has already participated in the albums of Soolking and Dadju or Tayc.

The Enfoirés troupe is performing in Lyon this year at the Halle Tony Garnier. The first concert takes place on Thursday 12 January. Six performances are scheduled until January 16.

TF1 will record the concert which is traditionally broadcast at the beginning of March, on the eve of the sale of the CD and DVD of the concert for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Restos du Coeur.