‘Life is Strange: True Colors’, a video game with an addictive narrative experience at the height of any series

Discover the exciting story of Alex Chen in the fifth installment of the franchise available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and Google Stadia.

Alex Chen has always concealed his curse – a supernatural ability to sense, absorb, and manipulate the intense feelings of others, which he perceives as colored auras. After the supposedly accidental death of his brother, Alex must learn to control his power to discover the truth and the dark secrets that a small town hides.

This is the fascinating premise from which part Life is Strange: True Colors. Is about the new installment of the video game saga created by Square Enix, developed this time for Deck Nine Games -who already took care of the prequel Before the Storm. A plot that could perfectly belong to that new hit series that you would get hooked on from the first episode. Its protagonist, in addition, is one of those characters that mark you and with whom you manage to empathize from its first appearance.

If in addition to being a big fan of the series, you have always dreamed of getting into the shoes of your favorite protagonist, you are in luck. Life is Strange: True Colors it is a narrative adventure that offers you the opportunity to become the absolute protagonist, by being able to interfere in each and every one of the decisions that the protagonist is going to make throughout the story.

To show you – without ‘spoilers’ – why the Square Enix and Deck Nine Games video game is able to catch you thanks to its attractive plot, its careful narrative and a cast of protagonists worthy of being nominated for the Emmy, We detail some of its most fascinating aspects.

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Alex Chen is a young Asian-American willing to discover the truth about the death of her brother Gabe. But to do so, he will have to investigate his brand-new home in Haven Springs, the small Colorado town to which Gabe had traveled in search of his father, but was so taken with him that he soon knew that it would be his true home.

As we have told you in the first lines of the text, Alex has an ability, or curse – as she has considered it since she discovered it – that allows her to feel and know the emotions of those around her. And not only is he able to see what other human beings do not see, but he can also absorb those feelings and manipulate them, if he considers it appropriate.

Until now, Alex, who is played by actress Erika Mori – using the motion capture technique – had preferred not to use her super power. But after losing his brother, he considers that there is no better time to learn how to use that ability, in order to try to prove that Gabe’s death was not an accident. For the young woman, he was the only family she had left and she will be willing to do anything to discover what secret is hidden between the corners of Haven Springs.

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But it won’t be that simple. Alex, despite being able to control other people’s emotions, is sometimes unable to handle his own feelings. The stress she has faced for years, the trauma of losing her parents and being under the care of social services, and now the recent death of her brother, are part of the cause of her social anxiety. A disorder that will be exacerbated when you begin to enter the minds of others and your empathy for those people skyrockets.


Another of the highlights of Life is Strange: True Colors it is the weight that the secondary characters have in the story. Alex is the only protagonist of the story and it is always constructed from his perspective. Nevertheless, Square Enix and Deck Nine Games have succeeded in giving more weight in the development of the plot to several of the inhabitants of Haven Springs, with which we strengthen important ties and that help create a powerful story arc around it. A detail that, added to the realistic dialogues and the depth of their conversations, make you forget on certain occasions that you are inside a video game.

Steph and Ryan become confidants and the foothold Alex needs in some of the most difficult moments of his investigation. We will have the opportunity to get to know them in depth, as happens with those characters from your favorite series that you love as much as the protagonist. The close relationship with both will leave the door open to start a romantic relationship with either of them. A decision in which you will have the last word.

But it’s not just Steph and Ryan who are the Haven Springs locals you’ll have the pleasure of treating. Alex will also reach out to Charlotte, Riley, Ethan and other neighbors of different ages not only to find out if they can provide any details about Gabe’s death, but also to help them sort out those emotions that seem to hold them back at certain times.

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Does it sound familiar to you? Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Mare of Easttown, Superman & Lois… The choice of a small town as the setting for a story has been, and continues to be, a very repeated resource in the world of television fiction. Therefore, the idea that the action of Life is Strange: True Colors Haven Springs makes it even more interesting.

These seemingly idyllic places are often transformed into enclaves full of mysteries, where, in your eyes, each and every one of its inhabitants becomes suspects in that case around which the action revolves. This time, Gabe’s death.

Alex will walk through the streets of this mining town, located in the middle of the mountains of Colorado, checking – from your hand – that everything that is charming is turbulent.

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The careful narrative of the game and Alex’s empathic power make the player easily put himself in the shoes of the protagonist and the rest of the characters; so much so that he even stops at one point to analyze his own emotions.

Sadness, anger, fear and joy. These are the four emotions that are addressed in depth throughout the plot from Life is Strange: True Colors. Each of them is represented with a color in the form of an aura, which is projected onto the character in question. An energy that can even become an explosion of light if the individual is not able to control their feelings.

Sadness is perceived with a blue aura; fury with a red flash; fear is shown in a purple hue, and joy in a golden light. Alex is able to see all of them and know how each character feels at all times. This means that sometimes their own emotions can be affected and they come to consider whether or not they should modify them to avoid the suffering of that character. Always bearing in mind that their -your- decisions will have a great impact on the plot.

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Unlike the previous installments of the franchise Life is Strange, True Colors It is not divided into several episodes that are released with a certain periodicity. On this occasion, the story is complete and ready to play from the moment it reaches your hands. But, as if it were a television series, it is divided into a total of five chapters; in such a way that you are the one who decides if you prefer to savor it slowly or if you will do ‘a marathon’ to know the end as soon as possible.


The narrative of Life is Strange: True Colors it wouldn’t be complete without its fabulous soundtrack. An ‘indie’ cut that features songs from the North American mxmtoon, with songs from Phoebe Bridgers and Radiohead, with original works by New love and with an album created just for the game by Angus & Julia Stone.

In addition to creating different environments and adding tension to the plot on certain occasions, music is a fundamental part of Alex’s life. Our protagonist loves to play the guitar, he composes his own songs and only manages to disconnect from his stressful day to day by listening to his favorite singers.

Are you still around or have you already left to visit Haven Springs? Life is Strange: True Colors is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X y Series S y Google Stadia, and it will be too soon for Nintendo Switch. Now you just need to choose which edition you want: the Standard, the Deluxe -includes additional story Wavelengths starring Steph plus four outfits- or the Ultimate -which entitles you to the next release of Life is Strange Remastered Collection: Life is Strange Remastered and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered.